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www.trippyglitters.com is a website that documents the history and styles of beautiful vintage glitter lamps from all over the world, that will take you on a trip. On this page we continue our look at British Sparkle-Lite designs.

Another company who produced glitter and lava lamps in the UK manufactured the Sparkle-Lite and Sata-Lite lamp designs. These Sparkle-Lite designs feature trademark shaped tinsel shaped glitter, these designs are fast moving and are unique in using tinsel shaped long strands of glitter.

This website was brought to you from the people behind www.hippielight.com which looks at the history of the vintage Lava Lite lamps that were produced and sold in the USA and Canada, www.flowoflava.com, the history of the Crestworth & Mathmos Astro Lamp in the UK and Europe.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage British "Sparkle-Lite" Tinsel Glitter Lamp Designs | Images Kind Courtesy of Eliot Lees.

Below: Vintage British "Sparkle-Lite" Tinsel Glitter Lamp Designs | These vintage British lamps as seen below were produced in the UK, and are commonly known as: "Hunter" lamps. The company behind these lamps also produced lava variations known as Sata-Lite lamps but also created a beautiful glitter version featuring fast moving liquid and large pieces of tinsel styled glitter. The effect is dazzling to the eye. These lamps are fast moving and thus use a solvent based formulation.

www.trippyglitters.com would like to thank Eliot Lees for very kindly photographing his selection of Sparkle-Lite lamps for us, documenting the wonderful styles of these British manufactured vintage tinsel glitter lamps.

Design 1: Double Flared Base - The Most traditional Sata-Lite & Sparkle-Lite designs, seen in different anodic finishes.

Design 2: Ridge-Flare Base - Perhaps the most popular of John Edward Hunter's designs and is the most popular Sata-Lite and Sparkle-Lite design. Seen with different cap design too (Design 5)

Design 3: Double Cone Base - A base design that features a double cone shaped base, similar to Crestworth's Astro Mini's base design.

Design 4: Hybrid Flared Base - A base design that features the top part of Design 1's base with the second lower part of Design 3's base to create a hybrid flared base.

Design 5: Ridge-Flare Base with Flat Top - Identical to Design 2, however with a flat top cap.