Welcome to www.trippyglitters.com | Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp | Restoring a Glitterlite Example of the Crestworth Princess Rocket Lava Lamp.

www.trippyglitters.com is proud to present a photo essay by Crestworth and Mathmos collectors Callum and Nick Carr who patiently restored a Vintage Crestworth Princess Rocket lamp, and kindly documented the process for us. This beautiful lamp was found featuring Crestworth's Glitterlite formulation but required filtering to remove the retired glitter. The metal work was polished, the piece was beautifully rewired and the supporting wooden structure was sanded and stained.

As part of this restoration a new locking system was invented. This beautiful restoration, respects the original design and ensures it will last for years to come. The images below are the kind courtesy of Callum and Nick Carr.