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With its kinetic shimmering effect, the original sister product to the lava lamp, the glitter lamp is a beautiful home decoration item that was extremely popular in the vintage years.

Glitter lamps were produced by many different manufacturers all over the world. This page is dedicated to the wonderful designs produced by European Continental manufacturers of glitter lamps and also other designs from the USSR. We particularly love the creativity of vintage French manufacturers of glitter lamps that added their own take and flare, to reimagine what a glitter lamp could be. From designs in just about every material you can imagine, to window cutouts, to even a spherical bubble design that sits on a long flared base, there is a design for everyone.

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www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Presents Vintage Glitter Lamps from all over the world ...

One of the most interesting aspects of the history of the lava lamp was that there were a vast quantity of different manufacturers of lava and glitter lamps. In Continental Europe there were so many different designs produced by local manufacturers.

Enjoy the images below that show the diversity of designs of glitter lamps from all over the world. We particularly love the glitter lamp which has a spherical glass section of glitter. One particular characteristic of French glitter lamps is their "window" designs.

These "window" glitter lamps feature cutouts in the metal sections which display the glitter, shimmering inside the bottle. When switched off, these lamps look like a clear window, but illuminated they come to life with shimmering glitter within. Examples of these can be seen below.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Presents A Selection of European Vintage Glitter Lamp Designs...

Below: A selection of European Vintage Glitter lamps, we particularly love the Funky Bubble Vintage Glitter Lamp | A stunning design featuring a long flared elegant base and a beautiful bubble containing the glitter pieces that shimmer. There is even a fab kitsch design with plastic flowers and an integrated ashtray on top.

www.trippyglitters.com | Presents a Vintage European Glitter lamp featuring a cut glass bottle design.

Below one can see a popular vintage glitter lamp design, often seen for sale in France. These interesting design features a cut glass bottle that adds to the interesting nature of the design, perfectly reflecting the glitter within.

We have seen this design with a selection of liquid colours. Like most Continental EU glitter lamps this design features a fast moving glitter formulation inside the bottle, so please only use a low wattage bulb. We particularly love the clear version with a rainbow painted on the base of the bottle. Enjoy the images below.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Presents Mini Vintage Glitter Lamp With Beautiful Blue Glitter.

Another interesting European glitter lamp is this wonderful mini glitter lamp design that features circular colourful blue glitter, with a small, compact square base with an interesting bottle design.

We love this small glitter lamp design that features a hybrid circular and square bottle design. Enjoy the images below which showcase this wonderful vintage glitter lamp design. This design features a very simple base construction with the light bulb mounted on its side. Fast moving glitter inside the bottle, so please only use a low wattage bulb.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: The Super Elegant Vintage Fantastic Bubble Spherical Glitter lamp ...

Below: Bubble Glitter Lamp | This is one of my favourite French Glitter lamp designs. A lovely flared base with a circular bottle filled with glitter solution. I love the way the lamp's metal parts are so sleek and hold up a glass bubble filled with this wonderful fast moving glitter solution.

One of my favourite lamps of all time. So funky! I often wonder what it would look like if someone refilled this and placed lava inside it. This particular example is in great original condition.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: A Vintage Cone shaped glitter lamp design ...

Another interesting European glitter lamp is this wonderful cone shaped design that features a conical bottle with a rather interesting top and base design. This example features clear liquid with a rainbow painted on the base of the bottle which gives a multi-colour effect when illuminated. Enjoy the images below ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Tube Glitter Lamp Design

This tube shaped glitter lamp is remarkably similar in aesthetic to Crestworth's Living Jewel but trades the metal finish for a brown textured design. This design has also been seen in a highly polished metallic finish. This design once again features fast moving glitter, so please only use a low-wattage bulb to extend the life of the lamp. Please enjoy the images below ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Silver Flared Base Continental Design ...

The design below is a beautiful design that features hole-punched circular glitter shimmering in colourful liquid. This design features a beautiful flared base design. Once again this lamp used a fast moving glitter formulation and therefore it is advised to keep wattage as low as possible.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: The Slanted-Top French Window Glitter Lamp Design.

French window glitter lamps often feature the lamp bottle enclosed within a metal design. These lamps are beautiful and one particular example of this is the slanted-top French window glitter lamp design. These lamps often feature beautiful colourful glitter in clear liquid or even silver glitter in colourful liquid. Once again these lamps use a fast moving glitter formulation and therefore it is advised to keep the wattage of these lamps as low as possible. These designs can be opened by unscrewing the two screws located on the base of the design. This will free, the felted base from the main unit. These lamps are often seen with a Cristel sticker placed on the bottle. Enjoy the images below.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: The Tube | European Glitter Lamp Design ...

If there was an award for the world's most simplistic glitter lamp design, this design would win it hands down. Directly inspired by Crestworth's Living Jewel, the design below was just one of the many many tube glitter lamp designs, these lamps feature a very simple construction with internal support attachments to hold the bottle in place. Once again these lamps use a fast moving solvent based glitter formulation so we advise to keep wattage down to a minimum.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Super Window Glitter Lamp Design ...

Below one can see a beautiful vintage glitter lamp design that features circular cutouts, which conceal the bottle within and showcase the glitter mysteriously appearing and vanishing between the circular cutouts. One of the very beautiful Continental European glitter lamp designs.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Italian Glitter Lamp Designs ...

These popular glitter lamps which feature an all plastic construction were produced in a wide range of colours. The particular designs below display a white plastic version with rainbow coloured heart glitter and a more popular orange version with cut silver square glitter. These examples below display the two great examples of these lamps which were manufactured in Italy. Due to the fast moving glitter formulation within and also the plastic construction, it is advised to keep the wattage utilised to an absolute minimum. These lamps also were seen on the British television show: George & Mildred, where stills can be seen below ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Mini Glitter Lamp | Euro Glitters

This little delightful glitter lamp measures 26cm in height and features a smart gold finish with a rather shallow cap and fast moving dancing glitter within. In virtually pristine condition, this beautiful glitter lamp is a beautiful example of vintage European glitter lamps. Once again due to the fast moving glitter formulation, we recommend keeping the wattage used to an absolute minimum. Images below are the courtesy of Panamelabelle.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: MUC French Glitter Boiler Lamp | Designed and Manufactured in France.

Below one can see a vintage MUC French glitter boiler lamp. This vintage boiler lamp features beautiful orange liquid with fast moving formulation and beautiful pieces of glitter swirling inside. Unlike other glitter lamps this glitter boiler lamp does not feature a bottle but actually is a completely sealed unit manufactured from glass and then coated on the top and the bottom. We love this design and France was especially known for their creative Boiler lamp designs.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Merlin Tube Silver & White Glitter Lamp ...

Below one can see an interesting popular white plastic tubular glitter lamp design named 'Merlin', which features a white and silver aesthetic. These designs often surface for sale in Germany but they are imported and manufactured in the Far-East for a German importer. These designs feature an all plastic construction and feature interesting pieces of small silver glitter in colourful liquid. The base of these lamps feature a metal base plate held with three screws to the rest of the base's design. One also often can see the model identification sticker on the reverse of the base. The glitter bottle features a ridge and thus sits directly into the base.

Whilst this lamp may not be as old as many other glitter lamps we feature on www.trippyglitters.com, it is a high quality design and a beautiful glitter lamp. Correct bulb is E14 R39 30w max Reflector. Due to the all plastic construction, it is very important to use a reflector R39 bulb to prevent heat damage to the base. Reflector bulbs guide the heat upwards and away from the base.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: USSR Glitter Lamp Designs | From Russia with love ...

Even the USSR had their own take on lava and glitter lamps, enjoy these wonderful vintage designs below from the USSR. These USSR designs were space-inspired and used Vodka bottles to house the liquid contents. These lamps feature very meticulous old-school construction with metal pieces and thermosetting plastics. There are many different versions of these lamps however they all use the same bottle and they are all very similar versions of the same concept.

We love the rocket and hat design, seen below which features three joining spokes. Enjoy the images below.

www.trippyglitters.com | 1990s Lipan Manufactured Boiler & Glitter Hybrid Geyser Lamp ...

In the 1990s, an interesting Lipan lamp appeared for sale and was sold all over the world, with examples being seen in the US and in Europe. The Geyser lamp borrowed elements from classic French boiler lamps and glitter lamps to present an interestingly very well made design. The boiler liquid within has a slightly metallic finish and is rather beautiful. When switched on these lamps which run a 15w bulb, the glitter within starts to swirl slowly and the metallic liquid within slowly moves through the coil within to create a beautiful kinetic effect. Two sizes of these lamps have been seen.

www.trippyglitters.com | USA Infinite Avenue Glitter Lamp | The Winter Blizzard Lamp

The next design comes to us from the USA with images by Bohdan J. Rudy, which display a beautiful and very well made glitter lamp design. This design features a fast moving formulation with clear liquid and fast moving tiny silver glitter. The back of the bottle features a beautiful winter design with trees. When switched on, this design remind reminds us of a blizzard and is lovely to watch. This design has been seen exclusively for sale in the USA. A version with white metalwork has been seen.

www.trippyglitters.com | Link'd Perpetual Glitter Lamp | Two Lamps in One!

The next design known as the Link'd lamp was sold in glitter and lava versions. We really love the glitter versions which features two glitter lamps in one with a connecting cap. These lamps are probably as modern a lamp, we would feature on www.trippyglitters.com but they are quite unusual and after all they did feature on Planet Pigeon, so we thought they should be here too. There was also a lava version produced.