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Beautiful Vintage Glitter Lamps from all over the world that will take you on a trip. This page serves as a gallery that is dedicated to vintage glitter lamps and one or two other beautiful vintage Lamps including one or two Boiler lamps and other stunning lamps from the vintage years. Most of these lamps are mainly Continental, there are a few USSR, and British Crestworth popping in. There is even some American examples too. So there is a mix of everything.

This page was brought to you from the people behind www.hippielight.com which looks at the history of the vintage Lava Lite lamps that were produced and sold in the USA and Canada, www.flowoflava.com, the history of the Crestworth & Mathmos Astro Lamp in the UK and Europe and www.forgottengems.com. Please enjoy and add some comments, if you like we can feature your lamp too. With thanks to: Craig French, Bohdan Rudy, George Roussos, Chris Moon Photography, Anna Santana and George Stadnik... Please drop us an email at hippielight@googlemail.com. Thank you. Created & Designed by: Anthony Voz.

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De magnifiques lampes à paillettes vintage du monde entier qui vous emmèneront en voyage.

Cette page fait office de galerie dédiée aux lampes à paillettes vintage mais aussi à une ou deux autres somptueuses lampes incluant les lampes Boiler et bien d'autres pièces de la même époque. La plupart de ces lampes sont continentales, certaines viennent d'URSS mais aussi quelques Crestworth & Mathmos Anglaises rejoignent la collection. L'on peut même trouver quelques modèles Américains ça et là. Il s'agit juste d'un petit mélange éclectique de formes et de couleurs.

Cette page vous est présentée par les mêmes heureux collectionneurs et historiens à l'origine de www.hippielight.com qui retrace l'histoire de la lampe à lave Américaine Lava Lite produite et vendue exclusivement aux Etats Unis et au Canada, de www.flowoflava.com retraçant l'histoire de Crestworth et Mathmos, premiers inventeurs de la lampe à lave pendant les années 1960 en Angleterre destinée à l'Europe.

Profitez de ces quelques pages pour vous plonger dans cet univers fascinant et n'hésitez pas à y laisser vos commentaires. Si vous détenez la perle rare et désirez la faire partager au plus grand nombre, vous pouvez nous faire parvenir une photographie et une brève description à hippielight@googlemail.com pour que nous nous assurions de la mettre en ligne avec votre nom en soulignant bien entendu, votre généreuse participation. Un très grand merci et bonne lecture encore!

www.trippyglitters.com | Glitter Lamps in the USA ...

Lava Lite who acquired the USA rights to manufacture and distribute glitter lamps in the USA from Crestworth (now known as Mathmos) would go on to create a range of glitter lamps. Their most notable range was known as GemLite a name inspired from Crestworth's Living Jewel. GemLite was often seen in Lava's Continental, Mystique and Confetti designs, which are displayed in the section below. GemLite has also been seen in the Mediterranean and Capri designs.

However Lava also created two Glitterlite models which featured slow moving dust glitter identical in formulation and specification to Crestworth's Glitterlite. In fact Lava Lite's Glitterlite glitter was actually manufactured in the United Kingdom and then shipped over to Chicago for assembly in their bottle filling process. Lava's Glitterlite feature in the Enchantress and Windsor formats as seen in the section below.

www.trippyglitters.com | Vintage GemLite Designs ...

In the 1970s GemLite was introduced, a range of glitter lamps, these lamps really glittered like crazy. They featured a fast moving formulation which had beautiful pieces of silver reflective glitter inside the lamp. They also featured the traditional lava lamp formulation.

When the lamp was switched on the glitter would swirl beautifully in the lamp and would shimmer casting reflections on the surroundings. These lamps are very beautiful and extremely elegant. Below one can see two models of GemLite, the Mystique and the Continental. These lamps also were sold with the bubbling formula as well as GemLite formula, in fact one side of the box showed the lamp with the lava liquids and featured the text: "the light of a million moving shapes that soothes intrigues fascinates entertains", " A Motion For Every Motion". The side that features GemLite glitter liquids features the text: "enjoy the newest visual sensation in environmental lighting ... thousands of floating silver flecks twinkle a multi-color hypnotic spell that charms and fascinates". The Mystique presented a square design where as the Continental design featured an oval design with slanted top and base for a really unique look.

Mystique Series 700, presents a square design described as: "Square and smart; its simplicity makes it one of the most sophisticated styles in our line" Internal supports within the square design support the bottle. Mystique uses a 30w intermediate (C-9) bulb.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Mystique GemLite design ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Continental GemLite design | Oval Silver Design with Glitter (2) ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Windsor & Enchantress Lava & GemLite design ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Lava Mediterranean design - Inspired by Exotic Spain ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Capri and Coors Capri GemLite Designs ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage GemLite Confetti Model 650 ...

The "Confetti" Model 650. The fascinating GemLite with its thousands of sliver flecks swirling as a multi-colored shower of confetti in a new cylindrical bottle. Satin chrome finished base and matching cap. Starlight sparkling in your home or office.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: USA Manufactured GemLite with Gold metal work and gold glitter! Images below by Sasmodog.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage USA Stardust Lites (Glitter lamps)

One of the most interesting glitter lamps from the vintage years was produced in Chicago by Heat Tapes Inc and feature beautiful ornate bases. Titled, Stardust Lites, these lamps are beautiful glitter lamps which feature slow moving shimmering flakes of glitter floating in colourful liquid. Stardust Lites feature an ornate styled base which add character to the lamp, a wooden base and furthermore a switch on the base for easy operation.

Stardust Lites shipped in Gold, Red, Blue and Green. A second version of these lamps featuring lava liquids was produced and titled Bubble Lites. These lamps have a very beautiful design and a very beautiful vintage look to them.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage USA Pagoda Starlite Glitter Lamps

Below: Pagoda Lamp by Pagoda Lamp Co. Produced in: Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Orange & Chartreuse. We love the cap on these lamps!

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage USA Florence Art Co. Glitter Lamps

One of the most beautiful manufacturers of glitter lamps in the USA in the vintage years was the Florence Art Co. who produced a wide range of beautiful glitter lamps, some featuring one glitter bottle, some featuring two or some even featuring three. Whilst many of their designs were traditional looking, they were very beautiful pieces and below once can see a pair complete with their original lamp hang tags which show the lamps named as "Astro-Lite" and the details: Florence Art Co. 831. W. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607. The examples below show designs produced by the Florence Art Co. Oddly these company was indeed in the same state as Lava-Simplex-Scribe. Furthermore the Florence Art Co name has been seen attached to vintage Laff-Lite (non-liquid motion lamps) models.

Florence Art Co. was listed in the Illinois Secretary of State Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations from 1959 through 1977. Initially, its officers were A.P. Lerman, president; S.A. Lerman, secretary; and L.N. Lerman, registered agent.

Hello, I started as a part time packer at Florence my first year, then full time in the office. Don't recall those names you wrote about, but now in my seventies, I'm lucky if I remember my own telephone number! Florence was just a little company in Chicago. They made small items- figurines, pen and pencil holders, small acrylic paintings and these sparkle lamps. We only sold them for about a year before we dropped them from our line because they weren't selling. We found that department stores would put them out on display, but not plugged in, so nobody noticed them. I had a lot of samples of things we made all over my house at one time and I had many of these lamps too.

Irene - Message from former Florence Art Co. Employee.

Images below are courtesy of Bohdan Rudy & Kwood93449

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage Other USA Glitter Lamp Design

Below: Another Vintage USA Glitter Lamp design ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Vintage USA MasterCrafters Clocks which feature slow moving shimmering glitter.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Lavaworld Wizard Glitter Lamp. In the 1990s, Lava returned to glitter in a big way with their Wizard lava or glitter lamp, that features a design similiar to a Wizard's hat and featured star and moon cut outs. Wizard was manufactured in the 1990s in the USA. Please note only Wizards which feature a black plastic tray under the spun metal section of their base are manufactured in the USA and are the original Wizard design. Click here to see our Wizard Page ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Fantasia Glitter Tube Lamp | Glittering Visually

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Fantasia Cosmic Window | A Unique Glitter Lamp Design

Cosmic Window by Fantasia, is a stunning vintage lamp designed by Fantasia to be one of the most beautiful glitter lamps ever created. Unlike other glitter lamps, Fantasia's Cosmic Window utilises the body of the lamp to accentuate the shimmering effect. Designed by Fantasia, this lamp takes, the wonderful concept of a glitter lamp to a whole new level. Remember only to use a 25w candelbra bulb.

Cosmic Window by Fantasia, is a stunning vintage lamp designed by Fantasia to be one of the most beautiful glitter lamps ever created. Below one can see bulb changing instructions. Image scan is kind courtesy of James Reiche and the product illustrations were created by George Stadnik, Fantasia's industrial designer.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Fantasia Glitter Graphics | Glittering Visually

Glitter Graphics by Fantasia is a stunning Fantasia glitter lamp series that featured beautiful artwork on the front of the lamp. When illuminated, the front would come alive with the glitter shimmering behind the image. Glitter Graphics just like the Cosmic Window, shows how Fantasia re-thought the way glitter lamps could be visualised. Which one is your favourite? We love the Unicorn and the rainbow ... Thank you to Anna Santana for her images of her Glitter Graphics Aquarium model.