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With its kinetic shimmering effect, the original sister product to the lava lamp, the glitter lamp is a beautiful home decoration item that was extremely popular in the vintage years.

Glitter lamps were produced by many different manufacturers all over the world and www.trippyglitters.com covers vintage glitter lamps produced by Crestworth Ltd, Mathmos, Glitterama, Lava-Simplex Internationale (manufacturers of the Lava Lite), Heat Tapes, Florence Art Co, Fantasia (iconic manufacturers of fiber optic lamps), YENNI, PYROFAG, USSR designs and so many more.

This page is dedicated to the Glitterlite which was manufactured by Crestworth Ltd, who were the inventors of the lava lamp and subsequently produced other kinetic lighting products such as Glitterlite, Living Jewel and fiber optic products.

Glitterlite by Crestworth was a glitter formulation that presented tiny tiny dust pieces of glitter shimmering in beautiful colourful liquids. Glitterlite was offered in many of Crestworth's lamp designs and subsequently but is more popularly seen in their Nordic range in designs such as the Cosmos, Nordic and Nordic De Luxe. However we have even seen the Glitterlite in the Astro and Astro Mini form factor.

One of Crestworth's most spectacular pieces was their floor-standing Princess Rocket lamp, www.trippyglitters.com is proud to present a gallery by Nick & Callum Carr who recently restored their Crestworth Princess Rocket lamp which featured the Crestworth Glitterlite formulation. Enjoy the images below which display the wonderful Crestworth designs which featured Glitterlite.

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www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Crestworth Glitterlite Lamps & History.

Crestworth Ltd in Poole UK, were the inventors of the lava lamp originally known as the Astro Lamp, which is still sold today (please see images above!). Crestworth was founded by Edward Craven Walker, and also introduced a range of glitter lamps in various designs and different formulations. This page is dedicated to their Glitterlite slow-moving formulation, which is one of the most iconic glitter formulations that presents small pieces of glitter slowly shimmering inside liquid. Glitterlite designs by Crestworth were diverse and were sold in many different bottle types however Glitterlite is most iconically seen in the Nordic form.

1. Crestworth's Glitterlite offered slow shimmering small glitter that shines in beautiful liquid to create the effect of a disco in a bottle.

Known Glitterlite Colours include: Ruby (Red), Emerald (Emerald-Green), Sapphire (Night Sky) & Amber (Autumn Leaves).

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Crestworth Cosmos feat. Glitterlite.

The Cosmos | An export only model introduced by the legendary Crestworth Ltd company based in Poole, who were the sole inventors of the Astro Lamp. This lamp has been seen with lava but this time we see it with Crestworth's Glitterlite formula. Slow, safe moving glitter in a bottle. I love the regal elegance of the base and the way it raises the bottle. A great number of these designs were sold in France by Decoverre.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Crestworth Nordic De Luxe feat. Glitterlite.

The Crestworth Nordic De Luxe | A beautiful base on a cone model introduced by the legendary Crestworth Ltd company based in Poole, who were the sole inventors of the Astro Lamp. This lamp has been seen with lava but this time we see it with Crestworth's Glitterlite formula. Slow, safe moving glitter in a bottle. I love the way the base is elevated on a cone and the way it raises the bottle.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: More Examples of Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps | Wall-Mounted Crestworth Nordic Sconce ...

Crestworth created a beautiful and diverse range of Glitterlite lamp designs, from table lamps which featured the option to accommodate lampshades, a stunning wall-mounted model, to their entry-level Telstar design, to the elegant export Cosmos design, to even a beautiful brass finished model.

We particularly love the wall-mounted Crestworth Nordic sconce design which features a backlight option. This design features two switches, each placed on either side of the lamp's design. One switch would switch on the backlight on the top and bottom of the piece. The other switch activates the lamp's main feature, to illuminate the contents of the bottle. The models most often seen, feature the Glitterlite formulation but Crestworth's wall-mounted lamps also featured the Astro lava lamp liquids and if the customer wished, The Living Jewel.

We would like to thank fellow lava lamp collector Christian Schulze-Bäing for the beautiful images of his wonderful rare Crestworth Nordic Wall Sconce Design. Enjoy the images below ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: More Examples of Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps | Table Lamps | Designs with Shades.

Expanding on Crestworth's range of lamps, Crestworth adapted their Nordic range of lamps to create "table lamp" versions of their Nordic lamps. These lamps had the ability to feature a second light source on top of the lamp with the option of a shade. These lamps featured dual sided packaging, one side showing a Glitterlite version and the other featuring a version with the Astro lava lamp liquids. These lamps feature the standard Nordic bottles. Two versions of these lamps have been seen.

Crestworth's Telstar Table Lamp MK1, features a flared base design and is similar in aesthetic to Crestworth's Telstar lamp design. This lamp design features the top connected to the base via an electrical cable which gives power to the fitting at the top of the lamp. Height 17" Base width 5 1/4"

The Crestworth Nordic Table Lamp MK2 redefines the combination of Crestworth's fascinating lamps with the option of adding a shade. Known as also the MK 2 Table lamp, these lamps are elegant, functional and always fascinating. MK2 is the more sophisticated of the two Crestworth designs, which has the power cable hidden within the metal structure of the lamp. Height 21" Base width 8 1/4" Images are the kind courtesy of Craig French.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: More Examples of Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps | Crestworth Telstar Design ...

One of Crestworth's most affordable design was the Telstar. Unlike other Crestworth designs which utilised the smaller bayonet bulb fittings, Telstar used easy to find large bayonet bulbs. Telstar which was essentially a Nordic lamp by design, utilised the very same Nordic tubular bottle that all of Crestworth's Nordic designs shipped with. Telstar was offered as three lamps, Glitterlite (Slow moving glitter), Living Jewel (fast moving glitter) and as a Bubble lamp (According to the packaging). A Glitterlite version of Crestworth's Telstar can be seen below ...

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: More Examples of Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps ... | Transitional Nordic Design

Below one can see another beautiful uncommon Crestworth Nordic Glitterlite design. This design features the standard early Nordic banded cap with a particularly unusual base. This base has a switch fitted on the base of the lamp and the bottle is held by a ridge in the tubular base. The tubular base then flares at an angle downwards to form a wider disc styled flared base. Just like other Crestworth lamps this design features a highly reflective silver anodic finish. This is one of the many Nordic lamp designs created by Crestworth and seen for sale in France.

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: Transitional Nordic Design | Nordic Base Detail & Construction

Further to the images above, one can see images kindly donated by Marc van Aken, which detail the construction of the base of this uncommon Nordic lamp. This Nordic lamp features elements of the earlier Crestworth Nordic de luxe base but trades the cone base for a simpler disc styled flare at the base. This lamp has been seen with an integrated switch on the base of the lamp. This lamp has also been seen with the standard, later and deeper Nordic cap. It should be noted that this lamp has been seen with both Glitterlite (slow moving glitter formulation) and Living Jewel (fast moving glitter formulation).

www.trippyglitters.com | Below: More Examples of Crestworth's Glitterlite lamps | The Brushed Brass Nordic Glitterlite lamp.

Below one can see, a beautiful Nordic Glitterlite design by Crestworth features a beautiful ruby coloured Glitterlite, paired with a beautiful brushed brass golden finish, make this lamp a stunning example of Crestworth's designs.