www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Photo Essay | "La Spheerique" Manufactured by E.L.S Laille Paris France

Below: "La Spheerique" E.L.S - This page is dedicated to vintage fiber optic designs produced by E.L.S Laille Paris France. These lamps are often known as "La Spheerique" as often characterised by a sticker seen on the underside of the lamps which gives care and technical information regarding the designs. Enjoy the images below.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Photo Essay | Three Space Age UFO fiber optic lamps that are often confused for each other.

Below: From Left to Right: "La Spheerique" | CIMA MK 3000 | FANTASIA Solar 1 - The first on the left is a model known as "La Spheerique", manufactured in France and a tell-tell sign of this lamp is the slot detail at the top of the lamp sets this lamp apart from the others.

The second lamp in the middle is CIMA MK 3000, one of the most beautiful designs produced by CIMA International in Germany. This lamp has a dome at the centre top part of the lamp with holes to allow light and heat to dissipate, please note the base & feet detail on the MK 3000, in contrast to Fantasia's Solar 1 design.

The third design on the right is the Fantasia Solar 1, a stunning USA manufactured design by Fantasia. This design is similar to CIMA's MK 3000 but can be identified by the lack of holes on the top of the design and the lip detail on the underside.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Photo Essay | "La Spheerique"

Below: "La Spheerique" - Another example of a beautiful French "La Spheerique" fibre optic lamp.