www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Below: Mathmos Jupiter 2 Fibre Optic Light

Jupiter 2 is one of the most beautiful fibre optic lamps of the 1990s, manufactured from polished aluminium, glass fibres and a perspex dome. Jupiter 2 drew inspiration from the Crestworth Galaxy with a space-age spherical design and the optics protected under a dome. H:32cm w: 47cm One model: light colours: blue,red,yellow and green. Launched by Mathmos 1992 discontinued 1996. (Please see images below).

The following details are found under a Jupiter 2: 12V 20W | Supply: 220/250v 50Hz Transformer rating 20VA. The correct bulb for Jupiter 2 is a halogen G4 12V 20W bulb. Jupiter 2 was sourced by Mike at www.vintagelavalamps.co.uk.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com would like to thank lava lamp collector Jeremy Green for the beautiful photography of the Mathmos Jupiter 2 below.