www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Photo Essay | Decoverre Paris Fibre Optic Light

Below: This beautiful vintage fibre optic light, is engraved Decoverre Paris and was manufactured in France. This design features a tub like base which cleverly has hidden details that allows the light to disepate from the base for a rather beautiful and unique effect. This is one of the more popular fibre optic lights seen with the Decoverre name. Images are the kind courtesy of Clementine, lecottagedeclementine2015.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | More Detail Regarding Decoverre Paris, Monsieur Rest.

Decoverre was based in Paris, and was run by Monsieur Rest. Decoverre sold beautiful glassware and lighting, acted as an agent for Crestworth and extensively sold the Astro and Glitterlite range of Crestworth lamps in France. Crestworth's export Nordic model, which is known as the Cosmos, was extremely popular within the French market.

Decoverre also sold Crestworth's fibre optic range and we have even seen a Crestworth Galaxy with Decoverre branding. Images are the kind courtesy of: Victoire.