www.fiberopticmuseum.com | PYROBALL Germany's Favourite Fibre Optic Lamp | PYROFAG Fibre Optic lamps designed and Manufactured in Western-Germany. With special thanks to Wilfried Virmond for the images and detail.

Below: PYROFAG designs - PYROFAG in the 1960s and 1970s was an importer and manufacturer of lava, glitter, rain and fiber optic lamps in Western-Germany. Originally manufacturing fireworks, PYROFAG also imported and distributed beautiful kinetic lighting. As demand decreased in the 1980s for kinetic lights, PYROFAG then diversified into the precious metal business. In 2010, PYROFAG was sold to new ownership, and exclusively deals in precious metals.

PYROFAG imported and manufactured fibre optic lights and we at www.fiberopticmuseum.com are honoured to discuss the history of PYROFAG with Wilfried Virmond who ran the business whilst it was producing these beautiful lights. PYROFAG also sold and imported other designs from other companies such as Fantasia, Schott and even CIMA. Their PYROX range of fibre optic lights are some of the most beautiful with high quality and attention to detail. Our thanks to Wilfried R. Virmond for this wonderful information and insight into these lamps.

Perhaps the most popular design by PYROFAG designed in Germany is PYROBALL, which presents a high quality glass fiber optic lamp, manufactured in Germany. Known designs by PYROFAG include PYROX 02, PYROX 18, PYROX 32, PYROBALL. PYROBALL featured options to purchase with either a 10,000 or 14,000 optical fibre spray.

This special page is dedicated to Germany's favourite fibre optic lamp PYROBALL. With Special thanks to Wilfried Virmond and no50 (Norbert Olszewski) for images.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | Photo Essay | Below: PYROFAG PYROBALL Fibre Optic light design.

PYROBALL - Metal Base - Sphere chrome plated base design - Static Spray - 6 colours on wheel with automatic colour changing. Height 40cm Diameter 50cm (Images below) Options for this design include gold and black base options. PYROBALL was also manufactured by: Sauer KG and Weschka-Leuchten.