Fantasia 750 Tubular Glitter Lamp Design | Glittering Visually ... Please see images below. This page is dedicated Fantasia's glitter lamps.

Fantasia, the iconic manufacturer of fiber optic lamps also manufactured three classes of fast-moving glitter lamps. The most simplistic of their glitter lamp designs was their tubular glitter lamp seen below. Both a highly polished version and matt versions have been seen. Enjoy the images below ...

The Stunning Fantasia Cosmic Window. Please see images below.This page is dedicated Fantasia's glitter lamps such as the stunning Fantasia Cosmic Window.

Fantasia created three kind of glitter lamps (Tube Glitter, Cosmic Window and Gitter Graphics). The Cosmic Window lamp was a very beautiful unique glitter lamp that featured a tube of fast moving glitter inside a cylindrical bottle, this was then mounted into an all reflective enclosure. This enclosure featured a reflective mirror at the back and created stunning reflections at the back of the bottle and excentuated the glittering effect.

The Cosmic Window is one of my very favourite glitter lamps. Fantasia definately created something very different with the Cosmic Window. Whilst Fantasia is most likely best known for their stunning fiber optic lights, they also created some dazzling glitter lamps, that are true show-stoppers.

The Stunning Fantasia Cosmic Window. Please see images below.More images of the stunning Fantasia Cosmic Window can be seen below.

The secret to the Cosmic Window's beauty is the reflective casing that mirrors and reflects the light from the glitter bottle shimmering away. When the lamp is switched on the lamp comes alive. The Cosmic Window by Fantasia is one of the most interesting glitter lamps of its period and a stunning example can be seen below.

The Cosmic Window shipped with multiple filters which can be applied as a decal to change the colour via a filter. There is even a multi-segmented filter which creates a wonderful rainbow of colours.

To access the bottle simply lift the lid and pull the bottle out of the enclosure. The polished reflective enclosure is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to present glitter. Looking into these pieces you can see why they are called the Cosmic Window.

Fantasia Cosmic Window Model 7002 Instructions ...
Other details to note: 120V 60HZ AC ONLY
Less than 1 Amp.
Bulb Recommendations: Use only 25 watt bulb.

Bulb Changing Instructions:

1. IMPORTANT Unplug Unit.
2. Remove the top cover by holding and gently pulling up.
3. Carefully lift out bottle.
4. Reach into the base and unscrew dead bulb and replace it with a new bulb. Note: USE 25 Watt Candelabra base bulb only!
5. Re-insert bottle.
6. Push down top cover, making sure to match the lines with the seam at the back of the lamp.

Steps 1, 2 & 3 are the same for changing the colour filters also.

Note: The Fantasia Cosmic Window ships with a protective vinyl coating and should be peeled off carefully before operating the lamp.

Notes for applying colour filters | Known colours of Glitter Lamp Colour Filters: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Multiple.

1. Make sure unit is cool before applying colour filter.
2. Select desired colour filter.
3. Peel off backing.
4. Remove glass bottle from base.
5. Apply colour filter to aluminum ring.
6. Reassemble bottle to base.
7. Enjoy the new colour.

Fantasia's Glitter Graphic Series. Please see images above & below. This page is dedicated to the Fantasia Glitter Graphics Series. Fantasia created three generations of glitter lamps. One of the most beautiful kinds of glitter lamps was the Glitter Graphic series. A Glitter Graphic lamp is manufactured from a wooden box and features a very beautiful graphic piece of artwork on the front. Inside this wonderful box, there is a glitter lamp placed inside with a wide reflector. The result of this is very beautiful glittering effects on the surface of the graphics.

The whole boxes become alive and provide a very beautiful array of effects. The Glitter Graphics can be seen in the wonderful image seen below, donated kindly by Jonas. Please see the image below to document the styles produced. The biggest question is which one is your favourite. I personally admire the design with the unicorn and the rainbow. Very hippie.

Thank you to Jonas for the information below:

Color editions: Dragon, unicorn/rainbow, clouds/rainbow, parrot/jungle, tropical fish, porcelain mask.
One color plus black/white/gray: Rolls-Royce/Poverty sucks, big rig truck, saloon, bar open, happy hour.

Bulb Recommendations: Use only 10 watt bulb, Clear, 120V, Candelabra Base - Please do not use any higher wattage bulb in your Glitter Graphics.

Which one is your favourite?