More Fantasia Fiber Optic Light Designs ...

Below: Saturn - Model 2050 Cone shaped base with colourful illuminated segments on the base.

Below: Sunburst - Model 4000 (Many iterations of this have been seen) - A stunning giant ball lamp that features a giant spray. Sunburst - The king of table Fantasia lamps, with a pedestal ball base and a giant spray, guaranteed to turn heads anywhere. Sunburst is the classic, iconic pedestal ball shaped fiber optic lamp which is the iconic shape of Fantasia.
Below: Ecstasy - Model 4001 & Centurion - Model 4002

Below: Fantasia Solar 1 Design Model 5001

Below: Fantasia Fiber Graphics - A similar concept to the highly popular Fantasia Glitter Graphics series which featured a glitter lamp concealed behind beautiful graphic artwork, the Fiber Graphics series removed the glitter lamp and replaced this with interesting fiber optics to create shimmering kinetic artwork. The first of Fantasia's Fiber Graphics seen by was model 6017 Bar Open. Another design seen below is the Happy Hour. These designs often feature a high impact colourwheel designed to catch the attention of people. Other companies during this period, produced similar products such as the popular Fiber Flickers series produced by Way Electropics, that features designs such as an Owl and a Skier.

Below: Mystery Fantasia Firefly design with bubble enclosure. Images courtesy of Acidstamp Auctions ... Click here to see more ...