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Welcome to | The Museum of Decorative Fiber Optic Lighting from all over the world.

We are a historical archive dedicated to the history of decorative fiber optic lights from key manufacturers from all over the world such as: Fantasia in the USA, Crestworth & Mathmos (UK & EU) and Bendix in Australia. We have a passion for vintage fiber optic lights, beautiful designs that feature a bundle of fiber optics artistically arranged to create a stunning ambient kinetic lighting effect.

Fiber optic lights have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and they still today capture the imagination of the people who look at them, millions of fiber optic lights have been manufactured by many different companies all over the world. This website aims to showcase our favourite fiber optic lights from the past.

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Identifying Fantasia Lamps

Who were Fantasia? Fantasia in the USA, was one of the most beautiful fiber optic manufacturers. Fantasia is responsible for the emergence of the fiber optic decorative lamps which became to feature in millions of homes worldwide. Fantasia was dedicated to using glass fiber optics, which gave the very best optical fiber optic light and quality. Featuring designers and engineers such as Joseph Cuda and George Stadnik, Fantasia created some of the most beautiful and cutting edge home decorator pieces. The concept behind Fantasia's fiber optic lights featuring a light source in the base, which filters light upwards into the fiber optic bundle, most designs have automatic colour changing and all have excellent design.

Fantasia - The Lamp of a thousand lights ... Thousands of optical fibers come alive with color and motion ... fiber tips flash like stars bright with changing reds, greens, blues and yellows. As colors vary, the fiber optic spray itself turns, adding motion to the shifting pattern of light. FANTASIA is made only of genuine glass fibers - no plastics. Fantasia continued producing lamps all the way till the early 2000s (later models were made in China however to a very high standard), until the company ceased to trade.

With over 10,000 fibers - far more than other lamps - there are more lights and changing patterns. Fantasia lamps are more beautiful ... enjoy their beauty in your own home as decorative accents - for family room, bar, picture window, TV and at a party. Or use them in a professional office or waiting rooms. Fantasia - the lamp of a thousand lights and a thousand uses.

With special thanks and image credits to: Kristopher Steel, George Stadnik, Christian Schulze-Bäing, Enrico Möckel, James Reiche, Anna Santana, Bohdan Rudy, Anthony Peck, Matt Woodham and Bob Chudy.

Fantasia lamps often featured a sticker on the base of the lamp which confirmed the model name and on the inside there is usually a sticker confirming this too. If you can't idenify the lamp due to there being no names please take a look at the photos or simply email us at: - Thank you.

Below: Firefly: Model: 1101 "Sparkling Colour in motion to compliment any decor" Black Leatherette Body, Chrome Trim 16" Tall Perhaps the most popular of all Fantasia products was the Fantasia Firefly, which presents a tubular black and polished tube housing the electrical components that shine light via the fiber optic spray, that slots into the top. Firefly has been seen with a selection of different sprays over the years.

Love Story: Model: 1102 "To set that Special Mood" Pink Fibers and Body, Brass Trim 15" Tall.

Love Story presents a beautiful design with a beautiful elevated metal base and ornate metal base and cap workmanship, we love the pinkish looking base and look forward to seeing a version with pink fiber optics!

Below: Trophy: Model: 1103 "A possession to be proudly displayed and admired by all." Walnut Finish Body, Brass Tim, 18" Tall

Trophy by Fantasia shares some visual design references with Love Story with an elevated pedestal design base but features a stunning faceted Walnut finished body and brass trim.

Below: Moderne - Model 3000: A polished metal take on the Fantasia Firefly design.

Below: Champagne: Model: 1104 "A bubbling fountain of colored lights" Black bowl and base, Chrome Rims 20" Tall

Champagne by Fantasia is a design which is described as "A bubbling fountain of colored lights". We agree and think it lives up to its name.

Below: Celestial: Model: 1105 "The heavens ... Fibers revolve and twinkle within a smoked dome" Black Lower Body and White base, Chrome Rims. 22" Tall

At, we love the Fantasia Celestial. Affectionally referred to as a mini Cosmos, Celestial is a beautiful design that featured revolving optics which colour-change and are concealed within the a smoked dome. We love this.

Below: Comet Teak - Model No. 1000T - A take on the Comet design featuring a beautiful Teak finish on the cylindrical base.

Comet is a beautiful yet simple Fantasia design that was also seen in a Teak finish for wooden beauty.

Below: Love Bug - Model No. 1001 - An inexpensive Fantasia design that featured a card tube base with a funky disco squares effect. This design has also been seen in a gold version. Love Bug by Fantasia was an inexpensive design that featured a card tube construction base coated with funky, trippy, disco squares effect. This design was also seen in a gold version. Even though this was an extremely cost effective product, it is extremely fun!

The Olson Studio.

Fantasia took the USA by storm, selling millions of fiber optic lamps. At, we love learning more about the places and people who sold Fantasia and we fell in love with the The Olson Studio which was based in Florida. Selling so many different beautiful lights Lois Olson, a collector of beautiful, artistic and different lighting created an amazing lighting shop which featured some of the most beautiful lights from all over the world. Lois Olson travelled the world for beautiful lighting and this is reflected in her beautiful shop. We think she should be remembered.

Vintage Press Cuttings regarding Fantasia and other beautiful ambient and kinetic lighting designs. Images show the suggested Fantasia Firefly and the Fantasia Glitter Tube (Model 7000) lamp.

Below: Love Lite - Model No. 1002 - A budget model that is one of the smallest Fantasia lamps. This design features a colourful stripe base that is sandwiched between two metal parts. No colour changing and no rotation. However still very cool! Love Lite is a simple budget model which unlike most Fantasia lights has no colour-changing and no rotation. We think it is very cool though with its simple one colour concept.

Fiesta - Model 1004 - Designed for the disco era, this beautiful take on the Comet features bands of colours that give it an unmistakable base design. Fiesta is a take on the Comet presenting bands of colours that make it in for the disco generation.
Below: Alpha - Model 1050 - A classic design with soft curved lines that melt to form a base. Also seen in a gold version. Alpha - A classic design with soft curves and an organic shaped base that melt to form a base. Also seen in gold.
Below: Omni - Model 1500 - A sophisticated model that features a complex cut out base, that houses a revolving colourful dish, to create a simply stunning effect when illuminated. Omni - A sophisticated model that is one of Fantasia's dual concept lights, that features a colourful spinner in the base that emits colour-changing trippy light from the base.
Below: Tempo - Model 1600 - A dazzling design that has a base that is perhaps more interesting than the fiber optic spray. We love the diagonal cut outs that shimmer with colour moving within.
Tempo - Continuing the idea of dual concept lighting, Tempo dazzles with diagonal cuts that shimmer with colour moving within.

Below: Galaxy Just like a UFO, Galaxy by Fantasia places the spray first and the base of the lamp second to create a beautiful galaxy of light dots that just levitates off the surface of where it is the placed upon.