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Eternal beauty and superior form are the characteristics of the CIMA STAR MK 2000.
Phantasy in its form gives the CIMA STAR MK 3000 that something special. The discus-shaped metal housing of bright chrome has the appearance of a futuristic spacecraft.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International MK 2000 | Images Courtesy of Christian Schulze-Bäing.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com is proud to present a gallery by Christian Schulze-Bäing which documents the beautiful CIMA International MK 2000. This beautiful design by CIMA International presents an elegant hourglass styled base and a beautiful fibre optic spray, to present one of the most beautiful and elegant fibre optic lamps ever created. We simply love the stylish design of this model, captured in these beautiful images below.