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Continuing our look at vintage CIMA International fibre optic designs. One of CIMA's most popular fibre optic lights were their iconic ball lights: MK10, MK 14 and MK20. The images below display a mix of vintage brochure information and real life examples of the beauty of these lights.

I would like to thank Wilfried Virmond, Christian Schulze-Bäing & Enrico Möckel for their kindness in donating this information regarding vintage CIMA lamps.

Known models include:

MK 10 | Small and neat. these are the features of the CIMA STAR MK Yet its lighting is just as impressive and colourful as its "big brother".
MK 14 | A Jewel in miniature - that is the CIMA STAR MK 14. However, its dense bundle radiates just as attractively as the other models.
MK 20 | Robust and Inexpensive - the CIMA STAR MK 20. Its colours remain constant bit its light shines brightly.