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Cima International was based in West Germany and created fibre optic designs under the title of Cima Star and created a diverse and very impressive array of fibre optic lights ranging from wall-mounted designs, integrated into furniture such as tables and impressively combine excellent design with the beauty of fibre optic lighting. Below is a quote from their Fantastic Fantasia brochure which describes their view on their fibre optic range. It should be noted that although CIMA used the term Fantasia, they hold no connection to the US company Fantasia. I would like to thank Christian Schulze-Bäing & Enrico Möckel for their kindness in donating this information regarding vintage CIMA lamps.

"The magic of CIMA STAR gives wings to your phantasy. It is like an organ playing a silent melody of colours.
CIMA STAR offers your creative spirit an enormous range of imagination. It enraptures you in the same way as a beautiful sunset over the sea, or a rainbow against the blue sky. Your workaday world is forgotten with one glance at the Fantasia, the everyday things vanish in a billow of colour. Fantasia awakes your phantasy, encourages relaxing daydreams and bestows a breath of romance. CIMA STAR gives your room a special atmosphere, your world appears in a new light, a cosy comfort is yours. Dreams come true with CIMA STAR ..."

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | MK 10 | MK 14 | MK 20

MK 10 | Small and neat. these are the features of the CIMA STAR MK Yet its lighting is just as impressive and colourful as its "big brother".
MK 14 | A Jewel in miniature - that is the CIMA STAR MK 14. However, its dense bundle radiates just as attractively as the other models.
MK 20 | Robust and Inexpensive - the CIMA STAR MK 20. Its colours remain constant bit its light shines brightly.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs | Iconic Ball Fibre Optic Design | Images Courtesy of Anthony Peck

Examples of CIMA International Iconic Ball Fibre Optic Design, by Anthony Peck.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | MK 2000 | MK 3000

Eternal beauty and superior form are the characteristics of the CIMA STAR MK 2000.
Phantasy in its form gives the CIMA STAR MK 3000 that something special. The discus-shaped metal housing of bright chrome has the appearance of a futuristic spacecraft.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | MK 6000 | MK 6100 | MK 6200/ 6300 Table Designs ...

MK 6000 | This is the latest novelty and already a top hit. An illuminated table or a wall decoration. CIMA INTERNATIONAL introduce this one and only colourful illuminated glass fibre panel; the upper side shows bundles in rosette form distributed asymmetrically with illumination from underneath. The variation of colours can be stopped. These glass fibre panels are supplied individually or as an integral component of tables.

MK 6100 | A fabulous table - the latest creation in our company - which almost appears to be floating in the room; the CIMA STAR MK 6100. Although the table itself is outstanding, the table top is even more attractive. The CIMA STAR MK 6100 stands on a mirror-glass base which carries a glass top with decorative patterns. The dainty rosettes on the surface have wonderful colours. The upper part of the table can be detached from the base. The technical fittings of the MK 6000 are installed in this table.

MK 6200 | MK 6300 Decorative in any room - high quality wood tables with their phantastic illumination from CIMA INTERNATIONAL. CIMA STAR MK 6200 and CIMA STAR MK 6300 are equally enchanting with the bright colouring in white, red, green, blue and violet. Anyone who is attracted by "that something special" will be most enthusiastic about these tables.
CIMA STAR MK 6200 has a light gloss, high-quality brown wood frame with rounded edges while the CIMA STAR MK 6300 is of the same quality wood but with squared edges and thus a more rustic finish. The technical fittings of the MK 6000 are installed in these tables.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | CIMA STAR MK 44 | CIMA STAR MK 2020

CIMA STAR MK44 | Bright Colours from the bundle to the base are features of the CIMA STAR MK 44, whether lit or not. The housing of special moulded resin transforms its dark areas into light, transparent lines as soon as the lamp spreads its rays.

CIMA STAR MK 2020 | Dainty form, eternal beauty and brightness are united in the CIMA STAR MK 2020. The outward appearance alone of this lamp is already an eye-catcher. This is www.fiberopticmuseum.com's favourite CIMA design.
Also available without changing colours under the designation CIMA STAR MK 2022.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | CIMA MK 1400 | MK 1401

CIMA MK 1400 | CIMA 1401 Note the switch on the side which allows you to pause on a certain colour by turning the spinning colour wheel inside on or off.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | CIMA MK 5100 | 5101

CIMA MK 5100 | CIMA 5101 A Stunning design by CIMA that presents a space age yet minimal approach to creating a fibre optic light with a reflective disc like base elevated gracefully on a tubular structure.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | CIMA MK 2 G Table Top | MK 52 Floor-Standing Lamp

The CIMA STAR MK 2 G is surrounded by a breath of exclusiveness. The silvery metallic parts and heavy green glass base make this Fantasia model a centrepiece for any room. When switched off it gives the impression of a modern work of art. Also available under the designation MK 2 with black base instead of glass base.

CIMA STAR MK 52 | Floor standing design - Fully deserving all praise for modern beauty. This standard lamp has a black lacquered base with silver edging and the glass fibres are carried up through a chromium-plated column. It is characterised by its long fibres carried direct to the light source.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs Below | More Fantasia Models ...

MK 2020 - With a base like an hourglass, this stunning design is a beautiful, elegant and simply stunning design with shimmering white light. MK14 - The iconic CIMA lamp with its disco ball base allowing light out, MK 14 is a radiating, shimmering design. MK52 presents a beautiful floor standing design with an elevated specially segmented spray. MK 3000 presents a stunning UFO like light that reflects the light on its beautiful enclosure. MK 2000 contains all the beauty of MK2020 but with automatic colour changing technology.

www.fiberopticmuseum.com | CIMA International Designs | Patents | A Fascinating Look into the world of lighting invention of CIMA | With thanks to Callum Carr

Like all inventors, the patent process is perfect to take an insight into the wonderful world of CIMA, who patented a number of inventions and assemblies with regards to their fibre optic line products. Enjoy the images below and simply click on one to open the vintage patent as PDF.