Mathmos Ltd | 2000s Candle Innovations Please see slides below.

In the later 2000s Mathmos entered the candle powered lamp market with products such as Revolution a candle powered spinning tealight lamp.Some of the new candle powered products like Thaw and Float were completely new in concept, however Revolution revisits Crestworth's Mistrolite which featured an internal spinning shade that spins merely from the heat of the light bulb. Revolution is powered via two tea light candles and looks stunning. Other designs include: Thaw, Float, Melt and Revolution.

The British Invention of the Mathmos Astro lava lamp Please see slide below.

In 1963, Edward Craven Walker, the inventor of the Astro lava lamp, changed the world with the introduction of the world's very first lava lamp, known as the Astro lamp. The Astro lamp changed the world of lighting and introduced a new concept, to a world that had never seen lighting presented in a chaotic, liquid fashion. Since 1963, the Astro lamp is a proud, iconic and British invention, still manufactured with pride and care in the United Kingdom by Mathmos. The images below showcase the beautiful iconic form of the Astro lamp. The iconic Astro lamp became so popular that it would become a range of products including: Astro Nordic, Astro Lantern and Astro Mini, to name just a few.

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