Mathmos Jetstream Please see slide below.

Mathmos' Jetstream offered the chance to radically update the Mathmos Jet with a completely new shape. Seen below in the White version, Jetstream was originally offered in Silver and White finishes and is extremely simple to install. Simply remove the cap on the top of the Jet and slide on Jetstream for a great new effect. This design created a totally new look for the Mathmos Jet product. Jetstream's design offers a window like design allowing one to look into the lava lamp and appreciate the motion within.

Mathmos Fireflow | Innovative Candle Powered Lava Lamps Please see slide below.

2009 saw the introduction of Mathmos' Fireflow, innovative candle powered lava lamp designs that were on a mere tealight candle. Fireflow from Mathmos was presented in two designs R1, a rocket shaped design and O1 a tubular modern glass and metal design. Fireflow used the smallest Mathmos lava lamp bottle to date and offer a beautiful small design to create cordless, tea light powered lava lamps.

Mathmos LED Lights | Mathmos Mobiles | Mathmos Mobiles Bubble, Tumbler & Aduki Please see slide below.

In the year 2000, Mathmos introduced a new range of lighting, unlike anything the world had ever seen before, utilsing LED technology and waving goodbye to the use of bulbs. The first product of this class was Bubble, designed by Aaron Rincover. Bubble changed Mathmos, in turn creating a wave of future lighting technologies and created a whole new category of products at Mathmos.

Bubble is a soft, tactile light that can simply be squeezed to switch it on and off, removing the need for traditional switches. Bubble was the very first Mathmos Mobile, which allows Bubble to operate cordlessly indoors and outdoors. Bubble was followed by Tumbler, an interactive glass rectangular light, that would change via its orientation.

Tumbler was then followed by the wildly popular Aduki Mathmos Mobile. Mathmos' Aduki is a portable teardrop shaped light that features Mathmos' signature colour changing technology and the ability to be paused on a colour. Mathmos Aduki can be hung via the included string and using the smiley face on the reverse of Aduki. In the later 2000s, Mathmos introduced a version of Aduki with a mirrored finished top, named Aduki Ni. Bubble, Tumber and Aduki are all Mathmos Mobiles and can be charged up just like a mobile phone and then used cordlessly. Below one can see a range of Mathmos LED lights released over the years.

Mathmos Aduki & Aduki Ni Please see slide below.

Mathmos Soflight | Minilamp | Ghost | Blimp Please see slide below.

In the 2000s, Mathmos developed a range of Softlights, mains powered LED colour changing lights. Designs such as Minilamp, Ghost and Blimp became very popular. Minilamp looks like a mini lamp but unlike traditionallamps, this one changes colour via smooth rainbow colour phazing, tripping you out. Each of the wonderful Softlights from Mathmos were manufactured from glass and feature Mathmos' soft pressing technology to simply press down to switch on and off. Mathmos also released a larger version of the Blimp named: Big Blimp. Big Blimp also allowed the user to wall mount the Big Blimp and to pause of a specific colour.

Mathmos Eclipse Lights | Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse Please see slide below.

Lunar and Solar Eclipse lights from Mathmos were released in the 2000s and are beautiful spherical metal and glass LED lights, that created a truly new effect in the world of lighting. Solar and Lunar eclipse create stunning jewel like effects, as they reflect colour changing LED light into the reverse of a mirrored sphere. Solar Eclipse features warm colours and Lunar Eclipse features more cooler colours such as blues. Lunar Eclipse also emits light via a wired mesh diffuser creating stunning patterns within the lamp. One can see the Mathmos Lunar and Solar Eclipse below. They are just too beautiful.

Mathmos Babushka | The Infinity Light Please see slide below.

Babushka from Mathmos is an LED colour-changing light that features an infinity mirror within the lamp. Babushka plays homage to the traditional Russian nesting dolls and features the LED light mirrored to infinity within for a truly unique effect.

Mathmos Blob & Flow | Mathmos USB Light Pets | Touch Sensitive LED Lights Please see slide below.

Mathmos Blob and Flow light pets are LED interactive lights that can be powered via the mains or simply via USB. These wonderful little creatures can be controlled by interaction and are a wonderful addition to the Mathmos ever-changing LED lighting range. Blob features blue eyes and Flow features Red eyes. Touch them, they are so cute ...

Mathmos Jelly | USB or Mains Powered | Jelly Lights - Colour Changing Light Please see slide below.

Mathmos Jelly presents a colour changing LED light in the form of a Jelly that can be mains powered or USB powered for a fun, unique light. Marketed by Mathmos, as their first lamp for children, Jelly is both fun and safe and is plastic, ideal for children. One can pause Jelly on a specific colour and Jelly features infinite colours.

Mathmos Bump Lantern Please see slide below.

Mathmos Space Projector | Oil Wheel & Graphic Pack Please see slide below.

The 1990s saw the introduction of the Mathmos Space Projector, an oil wheel projector. In the 2000s, Mathmos added the option of graphic packs which presents graphic slides which tell a story as they spin. Below one can see the Mathmos Space Projector in various colours, oil wheel slides, instructions, a Space Projector sales popup card and projections. Mathmos' Space Projector takes the magic and the chaotic nature of their iconic invention of the lava lamp and transposes it onto a surface.

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