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Meanwhile in the USA, Hy Spector sold Lava-Simplex to Eddie Sheldon and Larry Haggerty. Haggerty Enterprises continued to produce their lamps in the USA till the early 2000s. One product that would be instrumental in the re-emergence of the lava lamp was the Midnight. Midnight was born in the 1980s and is an adaptation of the Enchantress, however replacing the metal finish with a black midnight base and cap. The Midnight drew all its attention into the globe and was an extremely popular product. It would become one of the best selling lava lamps of all time in the US. lt was also a 32oz design. The 1990s would see the classic Enchantress design of the past evolving into new and highly popular lamps such as: Midnight (black base and cap), Princess (white base and cap), Elek-trick (colourful bases and caps with matching lava combinations, some are black light reactive), Silver Streak (polished silver bases) and of course the Enchantress would continue to be produced. Pyschedelic Swirl took the 32oz lamp and added a truly unique hand painted finish to this popular size. In many ways one can say that the 32oz lamp was key to the success of the lava lamp in the 1990s. Of course these products were always manufactured in the USA.

In the 1990s, classic US designs such as: Century, Aristocrat, Enchantress, Silver Streak would continue to be produced along with a beautiful array of Wave motion machines. Designs such as Century and Aristocrat would see Midnight versions with a midnight black look.

One new product introduced was the conical Wizard lamp, with beautiful sun and moon cut outs and options of fast moving glitter within. Another beautiful design was the Starship which was a 32oz product that featured a rocket design. Looking for a new base and cap material, Lava looked to ceramics to create new bases and designs. Due to the high heat retention of the ceramic base and cap, these lamps featured in-line dimmers. Ceramic designs include: Celestial, Seamore, Galactic, Peace, Red Splotch, Purple Splotch, Toady, Cranky, Chester, Diablo, Pumpkin, Bones and Lava-Alien. A Giant version of the Century (sans pinholes) would be produced.

Other accessories were launched such as Lava Lids which acted as a way to personalise your lava lamp. Lava Lid designs included: Skeleton, Dolphin, Peace & Daisy, Alien design, Frog and Mushroom.