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We at www.lavalamptimeline.com love vintage boiler lamps that were notably (but not only) manufactured in France in the vintage years. There are countless variations of these unique liquid lamps, that are normally fashioned from glass. These intriguing lights work on light bulbs to create stunning effects within, using interesting liquids that react to the heat from the light bulb. Very little is actually known about these mysterious intriguing lamps however one can see a mini gallery of vintage boiler lamps and styles below. Known manufacturers of these wonderful lights include F. Vaudan Paris, S. Vera of Cleremont-Ferrand and Creations Artisanales M.U.C Paris.
There are multiple types of boiler lamps: Boilers, Boilers featuring Glitter, Fountain Styled Boilers, Bubblers, Lava Bubblers & Lava Fountains. There are also non-electric versions which are powered by hand. Most boilers are entire glass pieces manufactured delicately with scientific skill to create these stunning pieces, filled and then sealed at the top.
Most feature the bulbs which fit into the glass piece, however some feature specifically manufactured bases like lava lamps featuring light fittings. Some feature more exotic bases which give the lamp stability and character. Boilers often feature intricate glass designs such as spirals or indentations to the glass to fashion the liquid to move in a certain manner, however some have been seen which are purely cylindrical.