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Below: Over the 1960s and 1970s, the Astro lamp would inspire a range of lava lamps featuring various iconic shapes. For example Astro was joined by Astro Mini, a sleek, tall and elegant second design, which is just as timeless as the Astro lamp. Astro Mini relaunched by Mathmos in 1997, became Astro Baby, bringing back this classic design to the popular market and is still in production today. Other designs of vintage years included tubular Nordic designs, presented on cones, pedestal-styled bases. One particular stunning design, created for export and highly popular in France, was Cosmos. Cosmos presents Nordic tubular bottles on a predestal styled base that elevates the bottle, perfectly levitating the bottle into view. For those that favoured the more traditional aesthetic take on the Astro lamp, there was the Astro Lantern which presents the Astro lamp in nautical themed colour combinations: Port & Starboard. Other designs included a wall-mounted design which features Astro Nordic design influences, ceramic enclosures, non-liquid motion lights such as: the Traction lamp and the Mistrolite. There was even a functional, innovative minimal light titled Twiggy, which offered a new way of lighting via highlighting elements. Crestworth also ventured for a moment outside lighting with the introduction of the Cannon Timer, which sheds light on their fascination with building liquid based products. The Cannon Timer presents an ornamental liquid filled gold-plated timer, and uses two different coloured liquids to represent the movement of time in a completely unique manner. Like so many of Crestworth's products, the use of liquids to create kinetic, optical effect was of importance.

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