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The 1990s was a period of great revival for the lava lamp with the iconic designs of the 1960s and 1970s returning back to popularity. The Astro lamp would trade its iconic copper finish of the past with a silver aluminium finish and new colour combinations. The Nordic design of the past would return in a glossy black finish and be known as Jet. The 1990s also saw new designs launched such as: Lunar and Telstar that are beautiful rocket designs.

Lunar became a cult Mathmos product and is highly sought after. The Astro Mini would return as Astro Baby in the later 1990s, and just like the Astro, would trade the copper anodic finish of the past with a more contemporary polished aluminium finish. Glitter would also return to the range, first in the Jet form and later as Glitter Baby.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the 1990s, was the presentation of the Mathmos brand, which utilised manga styled characters, bright colours and even lamp toppers to exude the playful nature of the brand. Enjoy the images below which show iconic images and lava lamps from the 1990s.