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Below: Crestworth produced a wide array of amazing lights, totally unique in concept and in the world of decorative lighting. One of the most unique designs is the Crestworth Traction lamp. The Crestworth Traction lamp presents a miniature model of a steam engine in a traditional lantern enclosure. The lamp is illuminated from the top via a bulb. The back of the lamp's glass enclosure is painted red. Please see the images below of the Crestworth Traction Lamps. Two versions of the Crestworth Traction Lamp exist, one with matt metal wheels and a later version with shiny plastic wheels.

www.keepbubbling.com | The Vintage lava lamp Timeline |Discover your vintage lava lamp design | The Aromalite - A Vintage Aromalite Aroma Lamp by Crestworth.

Below: Another interesting Crestworth creation was the Aromalite. An aroma lamp that features both illumination and the option to provide fragrance via a well at the top. Please enjoy the images below which display a vintage complete Crestworth Aromalite, with its ornate glass well. As with so many Crestworth products the metal parts are spun and the glass provides an interesting diffused pattern for the light. Base is felted as standard.

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