www.keepbubbling.com | The Vintage lava lamp Timeline |Discover your vintage lava lamp design | The Mathmos Faze 3 | A beautiful Pyramid Colour Changing Light invented in the 1990s.

Below: During the 1990s, Mathmos created a range of beautiful non-liquid lamps which would magically change colour. These lamps were known as the Faze lamps and Mathmos launched three distinctive product models. Faze 3 was the last of the three models and was launched towards the end of the 1990s and still sold well into the mid 2000s at Mathmos. Faze 3 features a pyramid form with a remote control for sofa operation. Faze 3 features automatic colour changing, light to sound and even selective colours too. Faze 3 is one of the very best Mathmos lamps ever created and was a truly unique product. Please see the images below.

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