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Below: Perhaps the most iconic manufacturer of fiber optic lamps is Fantasia, which were a key part of USA decorative lighting with their amazing, beautiful, kinetic fibre optic lamps. Really, nothing compares or comes close to the beauty of Fantasia and the stunning quality pieces they created. This page displays the Ecstacy, Centurion, Cosmic Window (glitter lamp) & the Glitter Graphics (glitter lamps).

The Ecstasy is a stunning fibre optic lamp and the Centurion, smaller in size is also very beautiful. When switched on, these lamps provide stunning light effects with built in colour changing for a dazzling effect. For two very unique glitter lamps Fantasia created the dazzling Cosmic Window and the Glitter Graphics.

Enjoy the images below which display assorted vintage Fantasia fiber optic lights. Images are kind courtesy of: George Stadnik & Bob Chudy.

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