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Below: One of the most dazzling liquid creations by Crestworth was their unique Glitterlite range that was created. Glitterlite presents tiny shimmering pieces of glitter dazzling away slowly in liquid for a beautiful effect! This page is dedicated to Crestworth Glitterlites presented as Nordic, Cosmos and the wall-mounted Glitterlite. We love Glitterlite and espcially the orange Amber (Autumn Leaves) Glitterlite.

Welcome to www.keepbubbling.com, a website dedicated to vintage lava lamps from all over the world. Keepbubbling.com displays a wide range of lava, glitter, fibre optic and motion lamps from the past and acts as a mini museum reference for those who wish to learn more about these wonderful kinetic lamps. www.keepbubbling.com displays a wide range of lava lamp designs from their introduction in 1963 to the present day and we love Mathmos, the people who invented the lava lamp.