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Below: Moving into fibre optics, Crestworth's Galaxy would present a stunning Galaxy of light with magical colour-changing technologiy built in for a truly dazzling effect. Enjoy the images below.

Other Crestworth fibre optic designs included the Phantom Lite which was offered in a myriad of different fibre options. Crestworth's Traction lamp would offer the romance of the steam age in a lantern form. One of the most dazzling vintage Crestworth lamps was a floor-standing tripod "Rocket" Princess design that is often seen at Mathmos exhibitions, this is one of the largest vintage lava lamps in the world.

Please see below, assorted trade show catalogue material that document Crestworth's presence in trade shows during the 1960s and the 1970s. You can even see a small display pop up sign for: "The Latest Range of Astro Lamps | As shown at the international gifts fair at Blackpool".

Crestworth would also reach France, this page also displays a stunning French colour brochure for the range of the time. This brochure also gives a detailed look at lava lamp bottle colour combinations of the time.

Crestworth's export portfolio was extremely diverse and this page also displays Murakami Trading of Japan which produced their version of the Astro Mini (Astro Phantom Lite) and created a design of their own (seen below with a black finish). These Japanese designs are often seen with pinhole detailing on the base and an integrated dimmer built onto the base to control the flow. Once again I would like to thank Mrs Christine Baehr for kindly donating these images of Crestworth in France & Murakami Trading Co.

www.historyofthelavalamp.com is a website dedicated to the history of the original Great British Mathmos lava lamp designed by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 and still in production today by Mathmos. We follow the history with products such as: Astro, Astro Mini, Astro Nordic, Telstar, Astro Lantern, Princess, Cannon Timer, Traction lamp, Twiggy, Aromalite. We follow the progression of the company to create beautiful kinetic fibre optic designs such as Galaxy. We continue the history of the lava lamp, documenting the history in the 1990s with designs such as Lunar & Telstar. We follow the history beyond the 1990s with Fluidium, Jetstream to 2013 with the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the launch of the 50th Limited Edition lava lamp. Enjoy www.historyofthelavalamp.com.