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Below: What is known as the lava lamp was originally known as the Astro lamp and first invented by Edward Craven Walker who was inspired by a previous invention designed to be an egg timer. The Astro lamp would be launched to market in 1963, first as a liquid version and then was ingeniously designed to have the moving base material to solidify upon cooling to allow the lamps to be shipped around the world and become the worldwide success that it would become. Crestworth would launch these wonderful creations to the world in 1963 and soon became the leaders in ambient, kinetic and beautiful home lighting. I would very much like to thank Mrs Christine Baehr for her amazing kindness and assistance in documenting the history of Crestworth and the history of the lava lamp.

On this first page you can see the vintage brochures which display the iconic Astro lamp, Astro Mini, Astro Nordic, Astro Lantern and Princess. You can see examples of designs such as Glitterlite in the Cosmos form, and Nordic form. Cosmos was Crestworth's lamp seen most popularly in export markets in France and featured the bottle impressively supported on an elegant thin pedestal styled base.

Glitterlite presented slow moving glitter in beautiful colours such as: RUBY, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE & AMBER. Living Jewel on the other hand created fast moving glitter shimmering liquid for a totally dazzling effect. Thank you to George Roussos for images of his Crestworth Twiggy lamp & Living Jewel.

Other designs by Crestworth included the Aromalite, a dual purpose light designed to illuminate but also feature a fragrance well at the top to provide a fragrance to its surroundings. Twiggy by Crestworth is perhaps one of Crestworth's most endearing designs which features a lamp of variable geometry that is so clever and unique. Other clever inventions by Crestworth include the Cannon Timer, a clever timer which uses liquid to reference the movement of time.

Moving into fibre optics, Crestworth's galaxy would present a stunning Galaxy of light with magical colour-changing built in for a truly dazzling effect. Enjoy the images below.

www.historyofthelavalamp.com is a website dedicated to the history of the original Great British Mathmos lava lamp designed by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 and still in production today by Mathmos. We follow the history with products such as: Astro, Astro Mini, Astro Nordic, Telstar, Astro Lantern, Princess, Cannon Timer, Traction lamp, Twiggy, Aromalite. We follow the progression of the company to create beautiful kinetic fibre optic designs such as Galaxy. We continue the history of the lava lamp, documenting the history in the 1990s with designs such as Lunar & Telstar. We follow the history beyond the 1990s with Fluidium, Jetstream to 2013 with the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the launch of the 50th Limited Edition lava lamp. Enjoy www.historyofthelavalamp.com.