www.historyofthelavalamp.com | The History of Original Crestworth & Mathmos lava lamp invented in Great Britain in 1963.

Below: 2013 celebrates 50 years of the original lava lamp, invented in Great Britain by Mathmos, which was formerly known as Crestworth in the vintage years. As part of the 50th celebrations, Mathmos introduced the Astro Heritage Range, which is comprised of anodised bases and caps which feature beautiful colour combinations. Mathmos also created dazzling new colour combinations for their 50th Anniversary. 2013 would see Mathmos move away from the brushed Astro finish of the past to a polished finish.

Below you an see a selection of images of Mathmos' lava lamps at trade shows and photographed. In September 2013, Mathmos launched their 50th Edition Astro lamp, limited to 500 pieces. In honour of this, a wonderful event at Aria in Islington London, was created. This page also features images from the Limited Edition launch, where Mrs Christine Baehr very kindly signed these amazing lamps. Enjoy the images below …

www.historyofthelavalamp.com is a website dedicated to the history of the original Great British Mathmos lava lamp designed by Edward Craven Walker in 1963 and still in production today by Mathmos. We follow the history with products such as: Astro, Astro Mini, Astro Nordic, Telstar, Astro Lantern, Princess, Cannon Timer, Traction lamp, Twiggy, Aromalite. We follow the progression of the company to create beautiful kinetic fibre optic designs such as Galaxy. We continue the history of the lava lamp, documenting the history in the 1990s with designs such as Lunar & Telstar. We follow the history beyond the 1990s with Fluidium, Jetstream to 2013 with the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the launch of the 50th Limited Edition lava lamp. Enjoy www.historyofthelavalamp.com.