line | 50 Years of the Mathmos lava lamp | 2013 Celebrates the 50th Birthday of the lava lamp ...

2013 would see Mathmos celebrate 50 years of the Mathmos lava lamp invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963. As part of the celebrations, Mathmos would launch an Astro Heritage lineup featuring anodised bases and caps with interesting colour combinations. Mathmos would also create a special limited edition 50th Astro lava lamp. As part of the celebrations Mathmos would create the world's largest lava lamp design placed at the Southbank Centre/ Royal Festival Hall - Click to see the world's largest lava lamp. Enjoy the images below ...


line | Presents: Astro Heritage lava lamps & the Electric Blue Astro lamp ...

As part of the Mathmos' 50th Anniversary celebrations, Mathmos created the Astro Heritage line of Astros featuring anodised metal parts in: black, blue and gold. Enjoy the images of the Electric Blue Astro.




line | Presenting: Restoring vintage lava lamps using new Mathmos bottles ... Astro Mini & Astro Lantern ...

Restore your vintage lava lamp design such as the Astro Mini with a new Mathmos Astro Baby bottle if your old bottle has come to the end of its life or if you fancy a change. Enjoy the images below of the Astro Mini and Astro Lantern with new bottles …


line | Presents: Fantasia Fiber Optics, beautiful designs from the past.

Fantasia was a USA based manufacturer of some of the very finest fiber optic lamps. Fantasia created and offered models such as: Lovebug, Rainbow Bug, Comet, Fiesta, Tempo, Alpha, Galaxy, Star Lite, Firefly, Love Story, Trophy, Regency, Champagne, Celestial, Sprite, New Star, Omni, to name just a random selection. Some of the more popular designs include: Firefly, Ecstasy & Centurion. Key staff include George Stadnik, the amazing industrial designer behind products such as the Glitter Graphics and the Cosmic Window.

Enjoy the images below, courtesy of Bob Chudy.

line | Fantasia Cosmic Window | A Unique Glitter Lamp Design

Cosmic Window by Fantasia, is a stunning vintage lamp designed by Fantasia to be one of the most beautiful glitter lamps ever created. Unlike other glitter lamps, Fantasia's Cosmic Window utilises the body of the lamp to accentuate the shimmering effect. Designed by Fantasia, this lamp takes, the wonderful concept of a glitter lamp to a whole new level.

Cosmic Window by Fantasia, is a stunning vintage lamp designed by Fantasia to be one of the most beautiful glitter lamps ever created. Below one can see bulb changing instructions. Image scan is kind courtesy of James Reiche and the product illustrations were created by George Stadnik, Fantasia's industrial designer.

line | Fantasia Glitter Graphics | Glittering Visually

Glitter Graphics by Fantasia is a stunning Fantasia glitter lamp series that featured beautiful artwork on the front of the lamp. When illuminated, the front would come alive with the glitter shimmering behind the image. Glitter Graphics just like the Cosmic Window, shows how Fantasia re-thought the way glitter lamps could be visualised. Which one is your favourite? We love the Unicorn and the rainbow ...

line | Presents the Auras Glow lava lamps designed in Canada by Ravi Shah

Auras Glow lava lamps are great candle powered lava lamps. They were first designed with a metal design holder which is put together via three metal parts connected via circular rings and complete with a solid chunky glass candle tea-light holder. The second edition features a radically new design that features the bottle held at the top, via a clear polymer holder the allows the bottle to levitate above the tea-light candle. Auras Glow was invented by Ravi Shah in Canada. - - -

line | Presenting a mini selection of vintage Boiler lamps below ...

We at love vintage boiler lamps that were notably (but not only) manufactured in France in the vintage years. There are countless variations of these unique liquid lamps, that are normally fashioned from glass. These intriguing lights work on light bulbs to create stunning effects within, using interesting liquids that react to the heat from the light bulb. Very little is actually known about these mysterious intriguing lamps however one can see a mini gallery of vintage boiler lamps and styles below. Known manufacturers of these wonderful lights include F. Vaudan Paris, S. Vera of Cleremont-Ferrand and Creations Artisanales M.U.C Paris.
There are multiple types of boiler lamps: Boilers, Boilers featuring Glitter, Fountain Styled Boilers, Bubblers, Lava Bubblers & Lava Fountains. There are also non-electric versions which are powered by hand. Most boilers are entire glass pieces manufactured delicately with scientific skill to create these stunning pieces, filled and then sealed at the top.
Most feature the bulbs which fit into the glass piece, however some feature specifically manufactured bases like lava lamps featuring light fittings. Some feature more exotic bases which give the lamp stability and character. Boilers often feature intricate glass designs such as spirals or indentations to the glass to fashion the liquid to move in a certain manner, however some have been seen which are purely cylindrical.



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