line | Presents the 2000s | Post 1990s Mathmos lava lamps ...

After the 1990s, Mathmos continued producing their iconic lava lamp range and would transition to also producing a diverse array of LED ambient lights, Airswitch lights and Candlelights. 2000 would see the launch of Fluidium and 2002 would see the launch of Jetstream. Lunar, Telstar would be retired along with Glitter Baby. Telstar was relaunched in Summer of 2005.

In 2009, Mathmos would introduce Fireflow R1 and O1, two new candle powered lava lamp designs alongside a new white edition of the Astro Baby. Fireflow R1 presents a mini rocket shaped candle powered lava lamp design whilst Fireflow O1 presents a more modern tubular design that features the bottle levitating within.

New colour combinations such as Clear/ Turquoise, Clear/ Pink and Clear/ Pink were also added. Smart Astro would land in 2010, a new version of the Astro lamp that removes the lightbulb with a dedicated heat plate and colour changing LED technology. 2010 would also see Mathmos create Mathmos Monster giant tubular lava lamps.

In 2012, Mathmos introduced a black finished Astro, which would inspire them to create a Heritage Astro range of lava lamps, to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2013. Enjoy the images below which display the diversity of post 1990s Mathmos lava lamps.

line | Presents the Mathmos Fireflow R1 & O1 Designs ...

In 2009, alongside Mathmos' vintage lava lamp exhibition in London, Mathmos introduced a range of candle powered lava lamp designs known as Fireflow. R1 presented a silver/ gun metal finished rocket design and O1 presented a modern futuristic design. Early and original Fireflow colour combinations featured clear masterfluid due the lack of an electric bulb. Original colourways were: Clear/ Blue, Clear/ Pink, Clear/ Green, Clear/ Violet and Glitter. Clear/ Violet, Glitter colourways and the R1 gunmetal finish were retired. Subsequently all these colourways would be discontinued with the introduction of Violet/ Orange and Blue/ Yellow. Mathmos then introduced a copper version of Fireflow R1 and this saw the addition of Yellow/ Orange and Blue/ Pink.

Fireflow R1 which was originally offered in silver and gun-metal finishes. The gun-metal finish would be retired and far later in 2018 a copper finish would be introduced. Enjoy the images below of Fireflow R1 & O1 ...

line | Presents the Mathmos Smart Astro lava lamp design ...

Smart Astro by Mathmos in 2010, alongside their Monster lava lamp designs, deserve a special mention. In 2010, with the increasing echos of light bulb bans, Mathmos looked to the future to create a version of their Astro lamp which would not be powered by the traditional humble light bulb but a heat plate and a cluster of chip-controlled colour changing LEDs.

Early versions of Smart Astro were limited editions. Smart Astro is controlled by a touch sensitive button on the base of the lava lamp. Please note the Smart Astro, uses a much softer formulation, which requires drastically less heat to power up, run and flow.

line | Presenting the Mathmos Space Projector | Oil & Graphic Projections ...

In the 1990s, Mathmos created the Space Projector, a trippy light projector that features GOBO slide wheels that rotate within and project a kinetic liquid image on any blank surface. In the 2000s, Mathmos extended on their Space Projector concept with graphic slides that present surreal wallpaper rotating and Graphic packs which superimpose onto the oil wheel projection. Enjoy the images below ...

line | Below: Presenting The Elegant Beauty of Rain Lamps | Johnson Industries | Hippie's Mini Lamp Corner ... is dedicated to the history of the lava lamp and other amazing lights, however often in vintage Sears and Wards catalogs, rain lamps are featured next to vintage lava lamps and other beautiful fiber optic lighting. We had a small amount of old vintage adverts and brochure scans that we thought it would be cool to make a small section dedicated to them. Welcome to our mini rain lamp corner. Rain lamps were often seen in swag form and table top form and Johnson Industries really knew how to create some very beautiful editions.

The image below shows a scan from a vintage Johnson Industries Catalog. Thank you kindly to Scott for the images below. If you have one of these wonderful rain lamps, they are so beautiful.

As you can see below. Johnson Industries manufactured a wide range of rain lamps and are credited as the inventor of the rain lamps. I hope the images below are helpful to people who wish to identify their rain lamp. However these scans just originate from one brochure and there are many more styles out there. Also Johnson Industries were not the only people who produced these wonderful rain lamps, however they are credited as the inventors of this style of lamp and the invention. So the real question if you could have one, would you choose swag or table top? I am on the fence ... These rain lamps are very ornate in style and often very classical with their goddess statues in the middle of the lamp.

The front cover below shows four rain lamps that play homage to the elegant beauty of rain lamps. There is an impressive swag edition Model: 890. One of my favourites is Model T970 which features praying hands, perfect to pray next to. There is also a model which supports a shade and a beautiful Rain Picture. 

Rain Picture featured two kinds of frame finishes: weathered brass or the highly polished chrome version. Rain Picture from Johnson Industries combines the beauty of rain lamp with decorator prints. Prints included: Autumn Forest, Running Horses, Seascape Sunset, Mountain Lake, Stormy Sea, City Skyline and Gondola. However if you want something more personal, you can remove the print and pop in your own. So funky.

If you need any help with your rain lamp, we can help you, simply pop an email to the friendly folks at

line | Below: Presenting The Elegant Beauty of Rain Lamps | Shower-Lites by Creators Inc ...

Another iconic manufacturer of rain lamps was Chicago based Creators Inc, which held the same ownership as other Chicago companies such as The Florence Art Co, which manufactured glitter lamps and other ornamental products.

Creators Inc referenced their rain lamps as Shower-Lites and produced a wide array of models.

Below one can see a happy selection of models in beautiful finishes such as bronze and antique white & gold.

1. Three Graces Table lamp. Bronze finished Graces face three corners of the room. Light in the top of the lamp adds sparkle to the moving droplets that encircle these charmingly antique-looking figurines. Lamp is bronze finished and stands at 33 inches tall.

2. Diana Table Lamp. Displayed in all her maidenly modesty and artfully portrayed in antique white and gold finished. She stands in a garden while raindrops appear to fall around her, illuminated by a light above. Stands at 27 inches tall.

3. "Dancing in the rain" Swag Lamp. The exuberance of playing in swiftly flowing raindrops captured for your home in this antique white and gold gazebo surrounded by greenery. A conversation piece.

4. Diana Hanging Rain Lamp. Rainfall appears to surround this delicate maiden in antique white and gold as she stands in her garden greenery. Lamp hangs from decorative chain. 11 inches diameter and 29 inches tall.

5. "Old Mill" Swag Lamp. Old country charm interpreted with a dash of class. Old country water mill has a turning wheel and falling "raindrops" illuminated from above. Maintenance free pump. 33 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

6. Three Graces Swag Lamp. Each daintily sculptured figurine is as beautiful as their name. Rainfall lamp especially designed to add grace and charm to your home. Light in top section illuminates drops to give the appearance of rain. 33 inches tall.

7. "Venus" Swag Lamp. The goddess of Love has come to brighten and beautify your home. Displayed in her little garden with the appearance of a gentle spring rain falling around her, she is bronze finished. The lamp stands at 22 inches tall, 7 inches in diameter. Oil and bulbs are included.

line | Presenting Hippie's Swag Grape Lamp Corner | We love them all!

We at love vintage grape lamps (sometimes known as swag grape vine lamps), with their translucent bubble grapes that glow in light, these are very beautiful lights. One of the coolest items from the vintage years, are swag grape lamps, hanging from the ceiling or placed on a porch, where people have so many memories of them.

Many were sold as a Deluxe Grape Lamp Kit and some were sold ready made but they are all fun and really beautiful when one uses them. They also come in very beautiful colours and some even with metallic foil pieces on the inside which adds to the reflective optical effect within them, as seen an example below. Vintage swag grape lamps came in all different colours and sizes.

line | Presenting the fantastic On-A-Lite Revolving Color Ball Light ...

We at love vintage decorative lights, whether they be lava lamps, glitter lamps, fiber optic designs to even the odd Christmas Design. We particularly love the next design below, the On-A-Lite revolving colour ball which was manufactured in Peoria, Illinois, the state with the best decorative lighting.

When powered up, this light contains a motor which rotates a selection of different colour lenses, creating a beautiful never ending colour-changing projection of light. On-A-Lite manufactured beautiful Christmas tree lights. Whilst these were orginally designed to project onto an aluminum Christmas tree, we think they look fantastic all year round. Full rainbow of blended colour in all its glory!


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