line | Vintage USA Florence Art Co. Glitter Lamps

One of the most beautiful manufacturers of glitter lamps in the USA in the vintage years was the Florence Art Co. who produced a wide range of beautiful glitter lamps, some featuring one glitter bottle, some featuring two or some even featuring three. Whilst many of their designs were traditional looking, they were very beautiful pieces and below once can see a pair complete with their original lamp hang tags which show the lamps named as "Astro-Lite" and the details: Florence Art Co. 831. W. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607. The examples below show designs produced by the Florence Art Co. Oddly these company was indeed in the same state as Lava-Simplex-Scribe. Furthermore the Florence Art Co name has been seen attached to vintage Laff-Lite (non-liquid motion lamps) models.

Florence Art Co. was listed in the Illinois Secretary of State Certified List of Domestic and Foreign Corporations from 1959 through 1977. Initially, its officers were A.P. Lerman, president; S.A. Lerman, secretary; and L.N. Lerman, registered agent.

Images below are courtesy of Bohdan Rudy & Kwood93449.

line | Vintage Mastercrafters Action Starlight Clock Model: 47

Below: A beautiful vintage Mastercrafters Action Starlight clock that features two beautiful tubes of glitter shimmering for a beautiful effect. Under each of the glass glitter filled bottles, the correct bulbs should be: 10C7 bulbs. When the lights are alive, the clock comes alive with the shimmering and dazzling effect of the glitter swirling around, casting lovely patterns all around this wonderful design. Enjoy the images below.

line | Vintage USA Stardust Lites (Glitter lamps)

One of the most interesting glitter lamps from the vintage years was produced in Chicago by Heat Tapes Inc and feature beautiful ornate bases. Titled, Stardust Lites, these lamps are beautiful glitter lamps which feature slow moving shimmering flakes of glitter floating in colourful liquid. Stardust Lites feature an ornate styled base which add character to the lamp, a wooden base and furthermore a switch on the base for easy operation.

Stardust Lites shipped in Gold, Red, Blue and Green. A second version of these lamps featuring lava liquids was produced and titled Bubble Lites. These lamps have a very beautiful design and a very beautiful vintage look to them.

line | Vintage USA Pagoda Lamp Starlite Glitter lamp ...

This wonderful vintage USA Pagoda lamp was recently uncovered by Dietrich who emailed into This particular design was produced by the Pagoda Lamp Co., a division of Heat Tapes, who produced these wonderful glitter lamps.

These particular lamps feature beautiful glitter pieces in various colours as listed on the front of the box.
Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Orange & Chartreuse (a colour that is between yellow and green). These particular lamps are very rarely seen in such a great condition and are a wonderful example of the vintage lamps produced. The cap of the bottle features a wonderful metal hat styled cap and the lamp is slightly oriental in its theme with a Pagoda inspiration. This gives the lamp character. The bottle has a slight taper and is held on a beautifully produced base featuring an integrated switch. These lamps are rarely seen in this great condition.

Many thanks to Dietrich for these wonderful images below. The model below is the blue version and was found in his Aunt's storage room.

line | Presents Vintage Glitter Lamps from all over the world ...

One of the most interesting aspects of the history of the lava lamp was that there were tonnes of different manufacturers of lava and glitter lamps. In Continental Europe there were tonnes of different designs produced by local manufacturers. Enjoy the images that show glitter lamps from all over the world. We particularly love the glitter lamp which has a spherical glass section of glitter. One particular characteristic of French glitter lamps is their "window" design. These "window" glitter lamps feature cutouts in the metal sections which display the glitter, shimmering inside the bottle.

line | Presents Mini Glitter lamp with fast moving aquamarine coloured glitter inside.

One such interesting Continental glitter lamp is this wonderful mini glitter lamp design that features circular colourful blue glitter, with a small, compact square base with an interesting bottle design. We love this small glitter lamp design that features a hybrid circular and square bottle design. Enjoy the images below which showcase this wonderful vintage glitter lamp design. Fast moving glitter inside the bottle, so please only use a low wattage bulb.

line | Presents a Vintage Glitter lamp featuring a cut glass bottle design.

Below one can see a popular vintage glitter lamp design, often seen in France. These interesting design features a cut glass bottle that adds to the interesting nature of the design. We have seen this design with a myriad of liquid colours, see below an orange version. Fast moving glitter inside the bottle, so please only use a low wattage bulb. We love the square design of this piece. Enjoy the images below.

line | Presents A Vintage Ceramic LUC Vallauris lava lamp ...

Below one can see a very interesting vintage lava lamp design created by LUC Vallauris, these interesting lava lamps have pottery/ ceramic bases and caps and are actually quite larger than they look, they are actually on par with the size of the Mathmos Astro and feature a tubular bottle. These lamps have been seen in a number of ceramic finishes, they also have been seen with glitter and lava liquids inside. Below one can see an interesting ceramic design of many that were produced. The lava liquids in these lamps remain liquid when the lamp is cold.

line | Presents The Iconic Astro lava lamp | The World's first lava lamp design in the World.

If there is one lava lamp design that is the most iconic lava lamp in the world, it is the Mathmos Astro lamp. Seen here in the first finish of the 2000s, it is the iconic lava lamp and the world's very first lava lamp design. The Astro lamp was designed and invented in Great Britain by Edward Craven Walker, who manufactured it under his company named Crestworth. Now Crestworth is known as Mathmos, and they still manufacture the lava lamp in Great Britain.

line | Vintage Advertisements for the iconic Astro and the Astro Mini lava lamp designs.

Below one can see some vintage Crestworth ads for the Astro and the Astro Mini (now known as the Astro Baby), the world's first lava lamp designs. These wonderful hand drawn, line-art advertisements show the lava lamp designs in a myriad of different places from the home to the bar. We especially love the artwork that shows the Astro lamp near the TV set. These ads saw the light of day once again in 2013, and were printed on the packaging of Mathmos' 50th Anniversary Astro, which was limited to 1000 pieces. Enjoy the images below ...

line | Presents the Early British "Astro" lava lamp range: Astro, Lantern, Nordic, Princess, Astro Mini

The wonderful images below show the early "Astro" lava lamp range with products such as: Astro, Astro Lantern, Astro Nordic, Astro Princess and Astro Mini. We particularly love the Princess design that features the Astro bottle elevated on a scroll metal base stand. Nordic (Cosmos edition) is also present. These lava lamps are some of the world's very first lava lamp designs. The images below are taken from Crestworth's "Astro Lamps" Stockists Manual.

line | Presents the Vintage British Crestworth Astro Princess lava lamp design.

The images below which are the kind courtesy of Dermot Shanahan, show the Crestworth Astro Princess lava lamp. This wonderful vintage design is actually quite rare to find, and features the Astro bottle elevated on a scrolled metal base stand. Crestworth also produced a giant Rocket lava lamp for promotion and special events such as tradeshows which is often referred by collectors as Princess.

line | Astro Mini - Simple Elegance - Styled for International Appeal

Below: Astro 'Mini' - Simple Elegance. Will enhance the attractions of any room - has the clean, handsome ageless good taste. Perfect for table settings and as a decorative piece for all occasions. So graceful! - Ideal for use in pairs. Smart copper finish to metal parts. Colours to choice. Height 16" Base 4"

line | Favoured for its Charm - THE ORIGINAL 'ASTRO'

Below: Perfect anywhere. Designed to suit any mood, any decor - in the home, office or public space. Perfect anywhere. Designed to suit any mood, any decor - in the home, office or public place. The 'professional' extra for waiting rooms, halls and reception areas. All colours available. Metal parts gleaming copper finish. Height 16" Base 6"

line | Vintage Decoverre French Brochure featuring the Crestworth Classic lava and glitter lamps.

Below: One can see a vintage Decoverre French brochure which features a wonderful selection of Crestworth lava and glitter lamps such as the: Astro Mini, Cosmos (a Nordic design) and Astro Lantern. This brochure shows serves a great reference to vintage colour combinations of Crestworth's lava lamps and focuses on the wonderful Cosmos design that features the Nordic bottle placed on a pedestal styled base. Enjoy the images below ...


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