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One of the world's most loved lava lamps is the Mathmos Lunar, designed in the early 1990s and in production all throughout the 1990s Lunar became the high-end flagship product for Mathmos. Lunar is a floor-standing fabulous rocket lava lamp. Standing at 80cm tall, this lamp gives a statement that is so unique to itself. Lunar by Mathmos is famously photographed in a late 1990s Mathmos brochure with the Mathmos Man in awe of its wonderful presence. Lunar by Mathmos is regarded as a cult collectors piece for lava lamp collectors worldwide and is one of the most loved lava lamps of all time.

www.glowoflava.com | Mathmos 1999-2000 Lava Lamp Designs | The Second Era Please see slide below.

The 1990s saw a revival of the Astro lamp and its derivatives. Older designs were modernised such as the Astro which moved to a silver based finish and other designs were launched. For example the famous Astro Mini would become Astro Baby in the later 1990s with once again a polished silver finish.

As Mathmos' 1990s lamps are moderised versions of the original designs, a great number of Mathmos' bottles are compatible with older lamps. For example an Astro Baby bottle is compatible to the Astro Mini. One great graphic showing the ability to have more than effect or colour in a lamp, is seen in a 1990s graphic showing a Telstar plus a Glitter Baby bottle will create a completely new effect. This also acted as an incentive for people to purchase extra bottles for their lamps. Separate bottles were also gift boxed to create an ideal gift.

Classic Mathmos 1990s lamps include: Astro, Astro Baby, Glitter Baby, Telstar, Lunar, Fibre Space to name a few. As the 1990s passed, so did the branding at Mathmos, with the introduction of characters. One of the more unknown characters can be seen in the images below: Collectable Collette - A collector who collects all Mathmos lava lamps. The 1990s at Mathmos can be seen below:

Mathmos Late 1990s Metal & Plastic Jet Designs - Featuring Glitter & Blue & Blue Bottle Please see slide below.

The Jet by Mathmos became a very popular product in the 1990s. The Jet is based on the earlier Crestworth Nordic Design is seen in early 1990s brochure material and offered in a black glossy finish. The Jet was also offered in Glitter in the 1990s. Towards the late 1990s Mathmos' Jet switched from a metal design to a plastic ABS design to facilitate easier assembly. This plastic version was created in White and Black.

The plastic Jet in was also offered in "Bright Series" of four colours: Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink with colour matching bottles that feature clear liquid and wax that matches the base colour.

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Mathmos' Fibre Space can be seen below. During the 1990s Mathmos introduced a wide variety of fibre optic designs and one of the very last was the Mathmos Fibre Space. Below one can see images of the Fibre Space illuminated and in the dark for a great effect and simply stunning. You can also see inside too. Made in England the Mathmos Fibre Space is a stunning fibre optic lamp from Mathmos.

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Below one can see a trade show card for Mathmos in the mid 1990s. This trade show card from Mathmos, invites you to the launch of the Faze Lamp and the Astro Wall. Astro Wall is a giant wall that was sold in sections featuring Astro bottle integrated into the wall for a stunning display effect. Destined for displays, Astro Wall featured in Mathmos' showroom on Drury Lane in London. The tradeshow card also shows the Faze 1 lamp, the very first of three generations of Mathmos Faze products and is dated to 1995. Image below courtesy of Tim Reynolds.

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Mathmos Faze 1- In the 1990s Mathmos developed a series of colour changing lights under the name of Faze. Faze 1 was the first design comprising of a semi-spherical base with a bubble shade formed from plastic strips that sit on a pole about the lamp. Simply switch on the lamp and watch it faze between colours.

Mathmos Faze 2- Faze 2.1 (Red - Blue) & Faze 2.2 (Yellow - Red) - The second generation of Faze features a tubular design replacing the earlier design. This design was part of a stunning display at Mathmos' Drury Lane Showroom Window in the 1990s.

Mathmos Faze 3- Mathmos' Faze 3 was the last of the Faze series created by Mathmos. In many ways the Faze series was the pre-runner for Mathmos' popular LED colour changing lamps of the 2000s. Mathmos' Faze started in the 1990s and continued well into the 2000s.
Faze 3 was a high end luxury lamp designed by Mathmos and targeted in the same price range as other high end products such as Lunar. Faze 3 was floor-standing by design, and had the essential form of a pyramid.

Faze 3 had the ability to colour change at different speeds and to react to sound. Faze 3 also shipped with a remote, circular in form and resembling the Mathmos M logo. The lamp could be controlled from a distance with this simple remote, that changes the mode of the lamp. With a metal base containing 3 lamps covered with coloured gels and topped with a polymer shade, Faze 3 was a lamp that created a statement. Mathmos' Faze 3 succeeded Faze 2 which was a tubular design and smaller in height. Faze 3 like Faze 1 & 2 utilised light bulbs to create the faze effect. Faze 3 is particularly stunning in the dark where the lamp looks like a pyramid of beautiful luminous colour and distinctive ambience. Image below courtesy of Tim Reynolds.

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Mathmos' Fluidium shattered the concept of what a lava lamp could be, presenting an organic form that is a tribute to the formations within the lamp. Fluidium is a stunning showcase of organic design, and was designed by world renowned Ross Lovegrove. Ross Lovegrove took the iconic Astro lamp and redefined it, bringing it to life in a different format and in a different light. Fluidium is an eruption of a redesign. In many ways Fluidium is a completely different shape to the Mathmos Astro, narrow at the base and wider at the top, it took a huge technical challenge to accomplish the creation of Fluidium.

Fluidium was originally offered in four base and cap colours: Green, Orange, Opal and Yellow. Earlier editions also featured colour boosting bulbs that could be used to enhance the vibrance of the wax, alter the tone of the wax and turn up the visual volume.

Earlier Mathmos Fluidium models also featured bottle options such as Violet/Orange for the Orange model and Blue/Green for the Green model. Opal and orange were retired. When the lamp is illuminated it gives a space age glow from within and the organic form blends perfectly the shape of the lamp with the organic forms within. Mathmos Fluidium is inspiration for the possibilities of forms that can be create with lava lamps and the exciting lamp designs that can be created in the future.

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