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Hippie's Vintage Funky Crazy Textured Swag Lamps.

This page is dedicated to those wonderful over the top swag lamps of the 1960s and 1970s, funky and colourful these lamps were crazy, but they are also interesting pieces of design. I love the texture on these swag lamps and the use of colour. Below are some of my favourite wacky desigs that I have seen over the years.

Below | Textured Swag lamp with plastic large chunks placed inside.

Below | Textured Swag lamp. I love the shine off the surface of the lamp.

Below | Textured Swag lamp | The Orange is alive!

Below | A swag shade constructed from orange and red chunks of lucite, these wonderful pieces will glow when the lamp is switch on. These designs are crazy but are wonderful pieces of vintage design.

Below | Textured Swag lamp with wonderful texture. I love the amber look.

Below | Swag lamp, with UFO shaped design. I love the way the spaghetti strands become alive with the light inside and glow.

Below | Another example of a vintage Swag Lamp.

Below | Another example of a vintage Blue/ Green Swag Lamp.

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