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Hippie's Russian Vintage Glitter Lamp.

Even the Russians were into glitter lamps too. Here is a great example of a wonderful design that I really admire that is so distinctively unique. A small handful of USSR designs have been seen over the years, and they are mostly very similar to each other, but this particular model below is one of my favourite. They all have a very spacey look to them or a space age feel.

This design has a tubular space age look to it, in fact it looks like like a space age station from out of space or something from the Jetsons. The base feature a spherical design standing on a base, there are three spokes that hold and support the cap, which has a wizard like look to it.

These pieces are truly remarkable pieces and extremely well made.


Below: Some more views. Views from Left to Right:

1. Lamp switched on. 2. Hat 3. Starting Up lamp. 4. Close Up effect.


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