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Poly-Opticals Floor Standing Fiber Optic Light.

This page is dedicated to a Poly-Opticals vintage floor lamp that looks like a water fountain or an object from other space. This model is seen below in wonderful condition with its original instruction tag too. This floor standing lamp contains branches just like a tree that rise from the base with mini pods of fiber optics that look like explosions of light. Enjoy the images below.

Below: Poly-Opticals Floor Standing Fiber Optic Light | The image below shows a wonderful fibre optic lamp created by Poly-Opticals. This lamp is also complete with a the instructions tag which can be seen below. I just love the effect that this lamp creates. You can change the colour using the plastic filters provided with the lamp. Amazing!

Below: Poly-Opticals Floor Standing Fiber Optic Light | Closeup of fibers.

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