Welcome to | Highlights from a Vintage 1972 May & Halas Catalog.

One of the most interesting ways to look back at the products of the vintage years is to take a look at vintage catalogs that people from that era purchased. This page is dedicated to a 1972 May and Halas Catalog and some of my favourite items from the catalog.

Below: Vintage Showcase & Desk. Note the Starbust clock.

Below: Vintage Lava Lite lamps on sale featuring: Nordic, Enchantress Decorator, Century, Mediterranean and Enchantress Planter. Please also note the wonderful spinning Silver Spinner Decorator. A wonderful selection of Vintage Lava Lites.

Below: A page dedicated to the StarFlite range by Poly-Optics, plastic fiber optic designs. A wonderful selection of vintage designs.

Below: Zoomed into StarFlite by Poly-Optics.

Below: Golly Opticals by Poly-Optics. Safe polymer fiber optics for children in fun themes. Fun for children and me and you!

Below: Timette by Lava Simplex. A division that produced a range of clocks from the iconic manufacturers of the Lava Lite. Note the innovative Spectrum model with colour changing rainbow technology combined with hand formed acrylic sculptures.

Below: Zommed into Decorator Clocks and Sconces by Timette by Lava Simplex.

Below: Mastercraferts - Accurate Self-Starting Clocks. I love the solid block clock.

Below: Star Stream Luggage - Note the Starbust clock in the background.

Below: Colour Organs - New Adventures in Sight and Sound by CosCo Research.

Below: Handblown Crystal Punch Bowl Set in Moderno Shape. Fun times!

Below: Compact Refigerators & Freezers. Note the legs on the Baby Refrigerator in keeping with the styles of the time.

Below: Spartus Decorator Clocks. Note: Adagio, a stunning starbust clock.

Below: Adagio Zoomed in. A stunning starbust clock. Walnut finished.

Below: More funky Spartus Clocks including the iconic Pussycat clock with the eyes that open and close.

Below: Pussycat Clock. Also note the Tiger version. Funky fun clocks.

Below: The iconic Kit Kat Electric Clock. Vintage Advert.

Below: More starburst and vintage clocks. Starburst fun! | A Mid Century & Vintage Showcase Gallery.

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