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Vintage Fontaine Starlight 2000 Fibre Optic Lamp.

A vintage fibre optic lamp design | Fontaine Starlight 2000 lamp, a wonderful and beautiful vintage fibre optic lamp design, seen boxed and complete with instructions. Vintage fibre optic lamps are some of the most beautiful vintage forms of innovative lighting. This particular model creates a really beautiful effect when illuminated in the dark.

Below: Below: Fontaine Starlight 2000 | A vintage Fontaine Starlight 2000 a beautiful vintage fibre optic lamp. Just like a fountain.

Below: Fontaine Starlight 2000 | Instructions and examples of use (on top of the TV or at the table). Note the assembly/ construction details below. Looks great on the top of a TV!

Below: Fontaine Starlight 2000 | Lamp box, parts, and illuminated. Just like a fountain.

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