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Hippie's Gallery | A Rare Florence Art Co. Astro-Lite Pair.

This page is dedicated to a pair of wonderful rare Florence Art Co. Astro-Lites. These wonderful lamps owned by fellow collector Bohdan Rudy are in pristine shape and are wonderful pieces of design. The Florence Art Co. was also based in Chicago just like Lava Lite, who brought the lava lamp to the USA.

These designs feature beautiful flake glitter slowly swirling around in coloured liquids. The bases feature an ornamental scroll base design and they are complete with the tags. Many thanks to Bohdan Rudy for the wonderful photos.

Below | A pair of Vintage Florence Art Co. Astro-Lite lamps.

Below | A pair of Vintage Florence Art Co. Astro-Lite lamp tag. Note the address: 831 W. Washington Street Chicago Illinois 60607. Note the name on the Tag: Astro-Lite with the fun stars around the lamp.

Below: Assorted images of the lamp's part and lamp's design.

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