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This small webpage is dedicated to vintage French Ceramic Lamps. Unlike most commonly seen vintage lava lamps, they designs are ceramic based and capped. They feature a wide variety of designs and artwork on the bases and the caps. They do look hand finished and very rarely have seen with glitter. Most that I have seen feature markings on the base which states: Creations LUC Vallauris. A model has been seen with a gold sticker on the glass bottle saying: Creations SOFRANEX.

These lamps feature the name Crestions LUC Vallauris on the base. This marking has been confirmed as the mark of Auguste Lucchesi (Lyon 1913), he first sold Vallauris pottery in Lyon as a merchant. In 1951 he moved to Vallauris and started a workshop. In 1960 he became chairman of the A.V.E.C. In 1961 Gérard Damiato joins the workshop (his son in law) and gives an artistic boost to the production.

I have personally seen ones which feature strip shred glitter. Very little information is known about these lamps, but they sometimes surface for sale.   If they are cloudy they can most certainly refilled using Mathmos wax and master fluid, or the original fluid can be filtered for clarity. They are really funky.

Please see the examples below. I have added names to each model, there are an endless amount of models. Please note that it is the mainly the paintwork on the lamp and texture which varies for piece to piece, the actual shape tends to stay the same. Please choose from one of three pages from the menu above (more pages will become active once the content comes in and more of these wonderful lamps are discovered). Thank you.

Noted colourways so far include: Clear/Orange, Clear/Red.

Model Below: A Psychedelic Night.

A mix of weird dark colours and weird textures makes this lamp very unique and memorable. Please see the images below for more information.

Model Below: Hippie Flower Branch Graphic Design.

Below. White background with flowering pattern. A really cool graphic series. Part of the design is also carried on to the top of the cap of the lamp. I love the way the graphics on the base and cap totally transform the aesthetic of the lamp. Please see images below:

Please see the additional images below which show the cap and the base. This model features the number: 1061 on the base. These lamps feature a ledge in the ceramic base where the bottle sits on. The accuracy of the base is vital to keeping the bottle in a straight position. One can see the full parts of one of these lamps below. These lamps also seemed to ship without an in-line switch. I am wonder how these lamps were sold and marketed as each base is often so different to the next.

Model Below: Carrot Shreds - If you love Orange you will love this.

Below. A light grey base and cap with shreds of orange in a stripe on the cap and base. Really cool if you love Orange. No bottle was seen with this model.

Unique Model Below: Flower Wheel.

This particular model below is quite a mystery, unlike other Vallauris ceramic lava lamps, this model is very similar in form to the others however does not feature the Vallauris markings on the underside of the base. It does indeed use and feature the same bottle and same style contents.

Furthermore, this example was found with a gold sticker on the glass bottle which says: Creations SOFRANEX. This is a complete mystery. Please see images below:

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We would love to feature your lamp on this website. These LUC Vallauris Lamps have so many different styles that we hardly ever see two that are the same. Please drop us an email if you'd like us to feature your lamp. Thank you.

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