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Trippy Feature | Infinite Avenue Vintage Glitter Lamp.

A wonderful glitter lamp, that reminds me of a theatre show. The back of the lamp is lined with an infinity pattern of trees that make you look like you are looking into an avenue in a forest. This wonderful glitter lamp is a very beautiful piece and the following images show the lamp, construction and of course the lamp's beautiful effect. Thank you to Bohdan for the images.

So take a look at this charming glitter lamp, which simulates walking down an avenue in the Winter snow.

These pieces are truly remarkable pieces and extremely well made.

Below: Lamp Assembled and Off.

Below: Lamp Switched on and starting up.

Below: Lamp components, please note the holder in the base for the coloured Gel that adds the green effect to the lamp, also please note the beautiful artwork at the back of the lamp featured on the panel.

Below: Some more views. Views from Left to Right:

1. Off 2. & 3. Views inside when on 4. 3/4 On

Below: Close up of artwork on back panel of lamp.

Below: 3/4 View when Lamp is On.

::: Thank you to by friend and fellow collector Bohdan Rudy for these wonderful photographs of his wonderful Infinite Avenue Glitter Lamp :::

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