Mathmos Bump Lantern Colour-Changing and White light Lantern Continued ... Please see slide below.

Mathmos Teardrop | A Teardrop of Colour-changing light Please see slide below.

Mathmos Teardrop & Mathmos Smart Astro Lava Lamp Please see slide below.

Mathmos Smart Astro Please see slide below.

Smart Astro was launched by Mathmos in late 2010. Presented as a revolution of the original Astro Lava Lamp, invented by Mathmos in 1963. Smart Astro looks to the future by removing the bulb and replacing it with colour phasing LEDs and a dedicated heating plate to create a new design for the future. Smart Astro also allows the lamp's wax to magically change colour with the colour phasing LEDs below. Below one can see an array of photos dedicated to the Smart Astro lava lamp.

Mathmos Monster Giant Lava Lamp Designs Launched in 2010 Please see slide below. | Mathmos Airswitch | Innovative Touchless Lights from Mathmos Please see slides below.

In the 2000s, Mathmos developed a new kind of functional light, titled Airswitch. Airswitch by Mathmos uses sensory technology to allow it be controlled by simply waving your hand over the design to switch the lamp on and off and in some models one can also control the brightness by moving your hand up and down over the the lamp. Below one can see many examples of Mathmos Airswitch designs: Mathmos Airswitch 1 (Flask), Mathmos Airswitch TC & Mathmos AZ Baby.

Mathmos Ltd | 2000s CandleLight Innovations Please see slides below.

In the later 2000s Mathmos entered the candle powered lamp market with products such as Float. Float features a unique design that automatically allows a candle to float in water and stay alight to create a beautiful unique effect. Thaw from Mathmos in a unique DIY Ice candle kit, that contains a freezable mould. Simply fill the mould with water and pop into the freezer. The result will be a tubular ice sculpture that is then placed on the Thaw itself. Simply place a candle in the centre of Thaw to create beautiful effects of fire and ice. Melt from Mathmos are pressed glass tea-light holders which give the illusion of wax melting. Revolution by Mathmos presents a spinning graphic candle light, that spins from the heat generated by two tea-lights to create a beautiful effect. Please see the images below.

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