The British Invention of the Mathmos Astro lava lamp Please see slide below.

In 1963, Edward Craven Walker, the inventor of the Astro lava lamp, changed the world with the introduction of the world's very first lava lamp, known as the Astro lamp. The Astro lamp changed the world of lighting and introduced a new concept, to a world that had never seen lighting presented in a chaotic, liquid fashion. Since 1963, the Astro lamp is a proud, iconic and British invention, still manufactured with pride and care in the United Kingdom by Mathmos. The images below showcase the beautiful iconic form of the Astro lamp. The iconic Astro lamp became so popular that it would become a range of products including: Astro Nordic, Astro Lantern and Astro Mini, to name just a few. The lava lamp is a British Icon. | Mathmos Vintage lava lamp exhibition & Fireflow | Innovative Fireflow Candle Powered Lava Lamps Please see slide below.

2009 saw Mathmos reflect on the heritage of the lava lamp with a vintage lava lamp exhibition. In 2009, Mathmos introduced Fireflow lava lamps, innovative candle powered lava lamp designs that are powered on a mere tealight candle. Fireflow from Mathmos was presented in two designs R1, a rocket shaped design and O1 a tubular modern glass and metal design. Fireflow uses the smallest Mathmos lava lamp bottle to date and offer a beautiful small design to create cordless, tea light powered lava lamps. Fireflow was featured in the Mathmos window in 2009. Please see the images below of the Mathmos Fireflow designs. | Mathmos New Colours | Clear & Pink | Clear & Turquoise | Clear & Black Please see slide below.

2009 saw the introduction of Mathmos' Fireflow, innovative candle powered lava lamp designs that were on a mere tea light candle. Fireflow featured new colour combinations such as Clear & Pink and Clear & Turquoise, of which these two colours were also offered in Astro Baby Bottles and also Astro bottles. In 2009 Mathmos also introduced the Mathmos Astro Baby with the option of a white base and cap. Please see the white Astro Baby below. | Clear & Pink Astro & Astro Baby lava lamp Please see slide below. | Clear & Turquoise Astro, Astro Baby & Fireflow lava lamp Please see slide below. | Unboxing Mathmos Fireflow O1 Please see slide below. | Mathmos Fireflow R1 v Telstar Rocket Shaped lava lamps Please see slide below. | Mathmos Astro Baby Clear & Black Lava lamp Please see slide below. | Mathmos Jubilee Lava Lamp Launched in 2012 Please see slide below. | Mathmos Mix & Match Lava & Glitter Bottles Please see slide below.

Even in the 1960s and the 1970s, Crestworth offered a bottle refilling service where bottles could be refilled at the factory in Poole, Dorset. In the 1990s, Mathmos introduced the ability to simply purchase replacement lamp bottles to refresh lava lamp designs that needed new bottles or simply just for people who wanted a new look. The graphics below show a popular Mathmos graphic from the 1990s that shows the Telstar with an Astro Baby bottle. Simply changing the lava bottle with a Glitter Baby bottle creates a completely new effect. However you can mix and match bottles and bases from different decades too. | Mathmos Mix & Match Lava Bottles and Bases Please see slide below.

For fun, one can mix lava lamp bottles from different eras and times (see the ideas below). For example: You can also see a white base and cap Astro Baby with Glitter Baby and Glitter Ball bottles. Mix and Match the bottles to create a different effect. You can one can see a contemporary white base and cap Astro Baby from 2009 with a 1990s colour way bottle for a completely different effect.

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