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Mathmos' Fluidium shattered the concept of what a lava lamp could be, its form is a tribute to the formations within the lamp, is a stunning showcase of organic design, and was designed by world renowned Ross Lovegrove. Ross Lovegrove took the iconic Astro lamp and redefined it, bringing it to life in a different format and in a different light. Fluidium was an eruption of a redesign. In many ways Fluidium is a completely different shape to the Mathmos Astro, narrow at the base and wider at the top, and it took a huge technical challenge to accomplish this.

Fluidium was originally offered in four base and cap colours: Green, Orange, Opal and Yellow. Earlier editions also featured colour boosting bulbs that could be used to enhance the vibrance of the wax, alter the tone of the wax and turn up the visual volume.

Earlier Mathmos Fluidium models also featured bottle options such as Violet/Orange for the Orange model and Blue/Green for the Green model. Opal and orange were retired. When the lamp is illuminated it gives a space age glow from within and the organic form blends perfectly the shape of the lamp with the organic forms within. Mathmos Fluidium is inspiration for the possibilities of forms that can be create with lava lamps and the exciting lamp designs that can be created in the future.

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Below: The images below show the difference in form between various Mathmos models in the 2000s. One can also see the unique shape of the Mathmos Fluidium lava lamp. Note: the Fluidium bottle is virtually the opposite to the Astro bottle, being thinner at the base than at the top. Also Fluidium's elegant bottle features a base portion that slides into the polycarbonate base of the lamp, which lowers the lava liquids closer to the light bulb, to heat up the liquids faster.

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Below: An early 2000s Mathmos brochure showing: Mathmos Astro, Astro Baby, Jet and Jetstream. Jetstream simply slides onto the Mathmos Jet to transform it into a completely new lava lamp design. The Mathmos Jetstream is featured in White & Silver in the brochure below. One can also see Mathmos advertising replacement Mathmos bottles, which are independently gift boxed.

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Mathmos' Jetstream offered the chance to radically refresh the Mathmos Jet with a completely new shape. Seen below in the White version, Jetstream was originally offered in Silver and White finishes and is extremely simple to install.

Simply remove the cap on the top of the Mathmos Jet and slide on Jetstream for a great new effect. This design created a totally new look for the Mathmos Jet product. Jetstream's design offers a window like design allowing one to look into the lava lamp and appreciate the motion of the classic Jet lamp.

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Mathmos' Grito shade. Mathmos created two designer light shades in the 2000s. Grito has been produced in: Natural, Red, Blue and Yellow. Gritito was offered in Natural, Yellow and Orange colours. Below one can see a Mathmos Grito shade in Blue. These clever contemporary shades really need no installation as they can simply slide over an existing pendant fitting with the clever slot cut design.

www.thelightsfantastic.com | Unboxing Mathmos Original lava lamps in the 2000s. Please see slide below.

Below: Images showing the unboxing of the Mathmos lava lamps. Note the splendid packaging of the Mathmos lava lamps. Mathmos is the original 1963 lava lamp. If it isn't Mathmos, then it's not from the inventors.

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