Mathmos Graphics and Lava Lamp Toppers - Astro Baby, Glitter Baby & Mathmos Man Please see slide below.

In the later 1990s, Mathmos introduced vibrant graphics and characters for their iconic lava lamp range. Various characters were turned into lamp toppers which allowed one to remove the lamp's exterior metal cap and place on a lamp topper. Three designs were offered: Mathmos Man for Astro bottles, Glitterbaby and Astrobaby for thinner bottles. Mathmos also created a Mathmos Fan Club, with fun goodies such as: A T-Shirt, Key-ring and Pin Badge. The vibrant graphics were seen everywhere, from product packaging, the early Mathmos website, to even company paper. These fun graphics are part of the Mathmos 1990s brand. | Mathmos Millennium Edition Telstar & 3-IN-1 Astro lava lamp. Please see slide below.

Below: One can see the Mathmos Millennium Edition Telstar, featuring silver Millennium branding on a white base and cap. Paired with a Clear/White bottle, the Millennium Edition Telstar is simply beautiful. One can also see the 3-IN-1 Astro which shipped with three coloured bulbs. Simply change the colourful bulb to change the colour of the lava inside. | Mathmos Later 1990s Jet lava lamp | The Story of the Mathmos Jet Please see slide below.

The 1990s saw a revival of the Astro lamp and its derivatives. Older designs were modernised such as the Astro which moved to a silver based finish and other designs were launched. The Mathmos Jet was originally known as the Astro Nordic in the vintage years and came to the Mathmos range in the 1990s as the Mathmos Jet. The Mathmos Jet, started as a whole metal design in the early 1990s. Over the years, this transitioned to a metal base to plastic top design. Towards the end of the 1990s, Mathmos transitioned the Jets to a completely plastic design. This design was offered in black, white and bright colours: Yellow, Orange, Green and Pink. Below one can see later Mathmos Jet designs featuring the whole plastic design. | Mathmos Faze 3 Colour Changing Pyramid Light Please see slide below. | Mathmos Glitterball | A fusion in glitter in a lava lamp Please see slide below.

In the early 2000s, Mathmos created Glitterball. Glitterball is dazzling fusion of glitter in a lava lamp that creates a dazzling, metallic looking lava lamp design. Glitterball has been seen in Aluminium, Green and Blue colours, although more colours are listed in Mathmos brochure material. Glitterball is sparkly, fun and beautiful to watch. Below one can see an Aluminium Glitterball lava lamp below.

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