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Whilst Crestworth was very well known for their amazing lava lamps, they also diversified into the world of decorative fibre optic lights. one of the most popular was the Crestworth Galaxy described as: 'the very latest thing in Decorative Lighting". Crestworth's Galaxy is a classic Crestworth product, distinctively beautiful, breathtaking yet technically superior than anything on the market at the time, just like their lava lamps. Featuring glass optics preserved under a darkened polymer dome, this lamp creates a statement unlike no other. In fact, Galaxy's protected dome was covered by an exclusive patent by Crestworth.

Crestworth's Galaxy is the perfect piece next to any vintage Crestworth lava lamp. We love the colour range of these pieces. Crestworth’s fibre optics continued their legacy of beautiful ambient lighting. The Crestworth Galaxy is simply stunning. Below one can see Galaxy advertised in a vintage Crestworth brochure and contemporary photographs of a vintage Crestworth Galaxy lamp in operation.

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Crestworth designed a wide range of stunning fibre optic lamps, and another popular design was the Crestworth Phantomlite. Crestworth's Phantomlite features a semi-spherical design that holds the fibre optic spray. With automatic colour changing via a rotating colour wheel within, the design is absolutely amazing and totally beautiful to watch. Below one can see images of the Crestworth Phantomlite switched on in the dark.

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One of the many genii of Edward Craven Walker was the development of the Astro liquids, where the base wax would sculpturally flow within the masterfluid encased in the glass bottle. However, Mr Walker also created two glitter lamp formulations: Glitterlite & Living Jewel. One of the most stunning was Glitterlite. Below one can see Glitterlite in a vintage Crestworth Crestworth catalogue and contemporary photos. Glitterlite presents fine glitter shimmering in colourful liquids. Glitterlite is described to have been created in: Ruby, Emerald, Saaphire and Amber colours, in the vintage Crestworth catalogue below. Crestworth's Glitterlite featured in a great number of vintage designs such as:

Astro Nordic: Crestworth also developed many other derivatives and designs using glitter to produce beautiful visual effects. This Nordic design (please see images below) features tubular bottles and a graceful base elevated on a cone stand, that creates a stunning design. The models below feature Crestworth's Glitterlite formulation.

Telstar: One can also see Crestworth's Telstar design which features a flared base. Telstar just like Astro Nordic was offered in both silver and copper finishes for a stunning effect. Furthermore Telstar was Crestworth's entry level lava lamp and offered in three liquid forms: Bubble, Fast Moving Glitter and Slow Moving Glitter.

Cosmos: One can also see Crestworth's Cosmos design which features a pedestal styled base and is often seen in export markets such as France.

These designs also featured the Astro lava lamp liquids but are displayed below with Glitterlite.

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An oranamental luxury Gold plated liquid timer by Crestworth. A very rare and often unseen Crestworth piece.

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