Crestworth Princess | A Vintage Floor Standing Lava Lamp that makes a statement like no other.

Little is known about the Crestworth Princess, however it is one of the largest lamps ever produced by Crestworth. Featuring the same globe as the Crestworth Giant and Mathmos Fireball it uses liquid wax to accelerate startup time of the lamp. They can be dated by the fact they were used in early episodes of Doctor Who (please see images below). Therefore one can deduce the Crestworth Princess is from the 60s.

The Princess used liquid wax to accelerate the warm-up time of the lamp, this means it is extremely hard for it to be moved as the lamp will cloud when moved as the wax is not solid. The Crestworth Princess is an extremely rare model and is considered as the largest Crestworth lava lamp. Only a tiny amount of these actually exist and are very elusive to find.

Due to the large nature, the Crestworth Princess requires post production filling, this is due to its contents. The Princess uses a wax that remains soft and liquidy at room temperature, allowing the lamp to the start up very quickly. Very similar to the very early Astros. The problem is that any movement of the lamp will result in emulsification of the lamp (permanent cloudiness), making it impossible to transport.

The containers used in the Princess have also been said to be used in other larger pieces such as the Crestworth Trading: Giant and the Mathmos Fireball. The model below was seen in Mathmos 2009 exhibition regarding the history of the lava lamp.

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