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Below: In 2006, Mathmos entered the world of candlelight with Float, its very first Mathmos candlelight design. Since then Mathmos have introduced a stunning array of candlelight products such as: Thaw, Melt, Happy Happy, Revolution (a spinning candle powered carousel) and the popular Fireflow candle powered lava lamp range. Fireflow R1, is a mini candle powered rocket lava lamp and the second design Fireflow O1 presents a tubular design, that gives the illusion that the bottle is levitating within the design. Enjoy the images below of Mathmos candlelight designs.


Welcome to www.britishinvention.com, a website dedicated to vintage lava lamps from Mathmos, the inventors of the lava lamp. www.britishinvention.com displays a wide range of lava, glitter, fibre optic and motion lamps from the past and today, to acts as a mini museum reference for those who wish to learn more about these wonderful kinetic lamps. www.britishinvention.com displays a wide range of lava lamp designs from their introduction in 1963 to the present day and we love Mathmos, the people who invented the lava lamp.