www.britishinvention.com | The History of the Lava Lamp | Mathmos invented the lava lamp in Great Britain in 1963 | Mathmos 50th Birthday Tradeshow Look | A Celebration of 50 Years of the Mathmos lava lamp.

Below: In 1963, Edward Craven Walker introduced the very first lava lamp, known as the Astro lamp. Today, and for fifty years Mathmos have produced the lava lamp in the United Kingdom. The result is a product of tremendous heritage. Below one can see Mathmos at their tradeshow events in 2013, marking the 50th Anniversary of the Great British lava lamp. Below you can see new and existing colour combinations, Astro Heritage, Astro Pop and the exciting range in 2013. Enjoy the images below ...


Welcome to www.britishinvention.com, a website dedicated to vintage lava lamps from Mathmos, the inventors of the lava lamp. www.britishinvention.com displays a wide range of lava, glitter, fibre optic and motion lamps from the past and today, to acts as a mini museum reference for those who wish to learn more about these wonderful kinetic lamps. www.britishinvention.com displays a wide range of lava lamp designs from their introduction in 1963 to the present day and we love Mathmos, the people who invented the lava lamp.